Monday, November 17, 2008

Only the Self is Big LOVE ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

The unconditional love that you are is beyond relative love. The dreaming "I" that we used to believe was limited to the body is just incapable of genuine love and this will always be so.

Dreaming "I" (ego) is a mental idea; only a word that is expressed in time. When you mis-identify with the word as your identity, you are making an object out of yourself. The true Self and dreaming "I." There simply are not two. Write the word "I" down on a piece of paper. Then look at it. Are you that word? Or is there something deeper here?

For a moment, just say the word "I." Yes, right now. Are you aware of the thought? How deep can a mere thought be? You are not the "I" that you are presently equating to your body. You are the Awareness of the word "I." You are the Awareness of the body. That Awareness is not personal.

We are not referring here to eyesight. It is just beyond eyesight. Are you aware of the eye? Are you aware of seeing? For enlightenment, the only essential question is WHO is aware? If it is not "me" then who is aware?

Close you eyes for a moment. Are you still aware?

The dreaming "I" that is the body exists only within the mental realm and its time. Since it is in time, it is then subject to duality; the law of the opposites. This means that when you experience relative love, it can only remain "in love" for a certain duration.

Time is always in movement. Relative love is unstable and will inevitably cycle to hate. Hate is equally unstable. Because it is traveling in time, it will inevitably cycle back to relative love.

There is a continuum between relative love/hate. The less we hate, the more we feel loving. The less loving we feel, the more likely feelings of hate will arise. Love/hate are polar opposites that require on another. The cycling requires time.

As the ego, we then thank people, because we feel loving and then blame them whenever we feel hate. Not so intelligent in either case. It is "your" responsibility. Where are you looking from? The Heart or "I?"

We have all been in relationships and everything is going along just fine and suddenly the pain body rears its heads within either one person or the other. Generally, the other ego will take that bait; rear its pain body also to defend itself. Instead of a loving relationship, we now have a fighting, hateful and cruel relationship.

If you watch it in action, the ego actually becomes hatred. Observe the face of your partner. Isn't true that they look like hate? Sometime, while you are fighting, look at your own face in a mirror. You will surely notice that hate has taken over the body.

Please listen. The ego is incapable of being free of the love/hate cycling. So we do not need to try to perfect the dreaming "I" so that it is unconditionally loving. We do not need to make a false self a better false self. We do not need to feel guilty about the cycling. It is a given as long as you are mis-identified with the mental word "I" and its time.

The only resolution is timelessness. Free of time, we are free of cycling. Timelessness is being AWARE of the present moment and also realizing that you are the Pure Awareness. That Pure Awareness is timeless and eternal. It is the formless NOW within which your body and world of form are appearing. You are the formless NOW and not the body appearance.

The nature of the true Self is unconditional love. You ARE that unconditional love. It is not something that the ego can attain. The dreaming "I" is a word, remember? Is a word capable of unconditional love?

You already are this unconditional love. It is ever present just beneath (or we could say beyond) the dreaming "I," its time, its concepts and all of its problematic, compulsive and psychological thinking.

Unconditional love is formless and "arises" within the body from the divine dimension within you. Rather, it IS you.

When we realize Pure Awareness (Self-realization), we also realize that we are the unconditional love that never, ever wavers. That realization is then also the transformation of the world. How different would "your" life be and how different would the world be, if humanity was living as unconditional love?

Only the Self is LOVE. It is everywhere "you" are. Are you noticing this?

In attention to being, you stand free of time. In attendance, being (or we could say presence) will seem to grow stronger. This is not ultimately true. Beingness is already all powerful and omnipotent. It is just that while we are consciously being, the mind is still and thinking no longer obscures the Pure Beingness.

Just try it for one day and see. Can you consciously BE during all that is being done? This is beautiful movement meditation. You will notice how vibrantly alive you feel or eventually conscious being is just normal and effortlessly so.

In relationship with your mate, it takes "two" to fight. Do not try to change them. Just remain true to who you are. We then can offer true compassion. It is simple to see that they have only been taken over by time. Does it make sense to fight time when time is a delusion. Instead, we are asked to remain open and free, while the pain body loses its pseudo power.

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