Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai India in the Light of Consciousness ~ Katie Davis, Awake Joy

If you are watching the events in Mumbai, India unfold, please stand fearlessly as the Light of Consciousness, without adding any more weight to the collective ego.

That weight will appear as negative mind activity. The human brain is must like a radio receiver. Those thoughts do not belong to "you" unless you identify with them. With attachment, the body will react to those thoughts and appear as "your" emotion.

Uneasiness ... sensitivity ... without mind activity? Consciously feel it fully as it is transmuted ... the only true answer.

That weight adds to the collective unconsciousness that is already hugely expressing itself.

Be still ...

True Compassion ... without wavering from unconditional Love ... and in open forgiveness for the divided mind that is unconscious.

Compassion to our Heart Friends in India and to those with friends or travelers there.

Only This Love ~ Katie



Mumbai,9/11,Bali,middle east crisis etc. make
us aware how humanity is divided due to identity with color,race,religion,nationality
and unless humanity identify them as separative factors such events may recur.
So one must go beyond all these and if we belong to something it has it's impact like this.

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Good morning DRPVSSNRAJU ~

This is so true. This has been yet another display of misidentification with the ego and its insanity. By identifying with I am a Christian or I am Muslim, rather than simply being "I am", the underlying being, we can only experience conflict or relative peace. We have seen this cycling between the two throughout all time.

The time to shift beyond this is now.

Gratefully ~ Katie