Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time = Ego = Stress ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

The next time that you are feeling stressful, please notice that you are looking with the eyes of the ego and its required time. The ego will always resist timelessness, since it requires time in order to function.

Within time, the ego will always be resisting what already is or wanting something more in the future. In either case, it experiences stress and anxiety.

No matter how many things the ego resists (fears) or how many desires it attains, it will continue to feel stressful. It has an endless list and it will always want more. Its intention is to complete itself at some future time. Likewise, no matter how many threats it escapes, once again, it is sure that there are more to come.

The mind-made self is lacking because, through notion alone, it has pretended to separate and made itself an object unto itself (there are not two - Pure I and "me") and therefore can never experience wholeness. It can acquire more and more things or befriend more and more people or even marry the perfect mate and it still has not changed the fact that it thinks its a fraction.

That sense of lack will remain as the ego wanders through life and searches for completion and meaning. It just makes sense that it can never realize wholeness as a fraction. In the end, a fraction will always remain only be a fraction.

The ego is threatened that something or someone will be taken away. Whether conscious or not, it is on guard, defensive and under a constant sense of threat. Although it thinks that its strategy is hidden, right there in plain sight is control and manipulation.

It perceives everyone as separate from itself and that concept is based on its own false idea of separation from Source. In fact to the ego, you are not even important as long as you are not threatening or as long as there isn't something that it can get through you.

The only option is to surrender the ego. In this great release, we profoundly realize that you are already whole. We then live fearlessly, free of wanting, since we are already complete.

The key to stress is ego freedom. Consciously, take a deep breath and notice that you return to the awareness of the present moment. As the Now, you are complete, whole, free of time and its conceptual goal.

I do not mean that there will never be times when you are moving more quickly to catch an airplane after waiting through rush hour or some other life circumstance. I simply mean that when you rest as conscious awareness instead of the ego, you are stress free. In the past, we may have blamed stress on time. Now, we realize that stress is inherent in the ego. Further, the ego can only operate in time.

What a relief! Time = Ego = Stress and all are delusions in the Light of Now.

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