Saturday, November 15, 2008

Self-realization ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Please stop for just one moment to listen. You are awake. Are you receiving this? There is only wakefulness. Even if you are still misidentified with the mind-made self that we name ego, consider whether it could be possible for someone to be separate from that which we refer to as Totality. Totality is just that. It is total.

If we could surrender the false idea that there is a separated somebody (body-mind), you will consciously realize that you are already this wakefulness that is bliss and joy. So in a way, the notion of Self-realization is somewhat a false idea just as all notions and concepts are. Who is there to Self-realize? Can you intuitively sense this?

When we say, "I want to realize the Self," can you see that you are holding the belief that there are two? The first is the ego (or perhaps at a deeper level the subject-witness). The second is the one who is Self-realized. In this, you are believing that the Self-realized needs to realize the one who is Self-realized.

It is impossible to deny that you ARE. Rest in this sense of "I am." Isn't it true? Can you sense and feel it? Do you exist right now or do you not exist?

The question is who is that who is constantly and eternally being/existing? There is nothing personal in this sense "I am." That is the pure Beingness of the sacred that is consciously arising within you. There is not a personal being and an impersonal being. There is only Pure Beingness and you are that. Is not the felt-sense of being blissful? If you will call off the search, stop the seeking, you will realize that you ARE the joy that you are seeking in every other.

Is "being" in the world? Can you show it to me such as you could show be any worldly thing?

Bliss and joy is simply being and it cannot be found in the world of form.

Pure Beingness is the bliss of the formlessness within. This formlessness already IS. It IS.

Are you willing to stop just for an instant to consciously realize that it already IS? That Pure Beingness is also Pure Consciousness. That is the Self and absolutely inseparable from you. There are not two ...

Can you see the folly of holding on to the idea that it will take 20-25 years of faithful meditation to Self-realize. This can only be a postponement. The idea that it will take more time and experience to realize what is now is a false notion. How do you realize that which is beyond experience through more experiencing?

How could it take 25 years to realize a mistake? Time is only of the mind. Is there time in being? Or are you being now?

All Love ... ~ Katie Davis

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