Thursday, November 20, 2008

You Are the Goal of Self-realization ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

You are the peace and bliss that you are seeking. You are the Self that you have been searching for. You cannot deny that you exist. Is this not so? Are you being right now? That existence is pure consciousness.

The notion of a goal is a false idea. A goal indicates that there is something to become such as some new attainment. It is only the ego that is in constant search. However, when we seek the dreaming "I" (ego), it is nowhere to be found. Surrender the ego and there is only pure consciousness.

The ego and evermore subtle layers of the intellect are like armor that only appear to obscure that which forever shines; much like clouds that block the sun. Even when ignorance seems to be appearing in the life situation as unhappiness or discontentment, there is something that is AWARE of it. You are that pure awareness. You are already THIS right now and at home as Pure Being.

The entire seeking process is a postponement strategy of ego. The mind-made self will always require more time and experience, since it cannot function without time. Remove the dreaming "I" and you will realize the perfect peace that is beyond understanding. The false perceptions of time and space are only due to the divided mind. That division and separation are also false notions. It will be seen that nothing has ever been anything other than pure consciousness.

The Self will never be realized in an objective manner. For example, if you have lost your eyeglasses, you may search for this object all over your home. That is an objective search. Since you ARE the bliss of Self, it is impossible to discover it as something separate from you. We can only BE the Self. You are being that now. Remove the false notion that you are not Self-realized and you will realize that which is already realized within you. What you realize is the mistake; the mistakened identity.

The appearance of unconsciousness will continue to rise for awhile. You do not need to become involved with it or change anything. Being aware of it, you look directly and recognize it as false as it burns into consciousness.

In the end, it is seen that ignorance never existed, but the delusion must be directly noticed. Ignorance appears to come and go, while you remain the permanent awareness. Pure being IS ... whether with form or without form. Pure Awareness and its being-consciousness-bliss are eternal which means it must be here now.

Katie Davis is author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment:.

Awake Joy is a unique and comprehensive guide to awakening to the new state of consciousness that is currently emerging on this planet. It points to the discovery of the radiant joy that is beyond the thinking mind, the separate sense of self, its idea of separation and identification with form.

Awake Joy is meant to be your companion throughout your life’s journey to true and lasting fulfillment. It will be a trusted resource again and again throughout the years. This A-Z handbook stands free of concepts, philosophy and eastern jargon to point clearly and pragmatically for those who are ready to surrender suffering for themselves, their relationships, their families, the schools, the workplace, the world’s religions and the world.

"A powerhouse of a book! Katie Davis has captured the uncapturable: a clear view of enlightenment ... in plain English. Bravo!"
~ Chris McCombs, Author, Delicious Silence, Beloved, Lover's Road

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Juhana Harju said...

Thank you, Katie! You are able to express it very clearly. Your postings are very helpful. :-)

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

You are very welcome, Juana. Thank you for taking a moment to share.


Dear Katie,
As you said we are the self but
that is superimposed by the concepts of God,
world and individual"I"(Jiva).Until we realise
that these three are just concepts and have no existential reality these superimpositions on the self veils the reality and nature of self.
To get rid of illusion of these superimpositions Self-enquiry is the best way.

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...


Thank you for this clarity. Through Self-inquiry, the separate, mind-made self or individual "I" (I call it "dreaming I") is removed and everything falls like a wall of sand. Both concepts (an I that is separate from God) arise simultaneously.

Some have seen through the false I and yet Self-realization is not consciously complete. This is due to the reference point of the subject-witness (the one who is witnessing formlessness objectively). When this is recognized, it is eliminated on its own accord.

For spiritual friends who are also reading this exchange, it is not being said here that God does not exist. It is just saying that your CONCEPT of a "God" that is separate from "you" is false. No concept is absolutely true. Both are superimpositions that veil the Truth.