Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Conscious Emotion and Uneasiness ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

The body will always be a mirror of your problematic thinking. This is why I encourage people to be consciously within the body and aware of how it feels. Busy in daily activity, we may miss our thoughts that cause a contraction in the body. That contraction is emotion and inflicted by our own thinking. When we feel the emotion in our body, we can then shift our attention to our thoughts and dis-identify with them. We do not try to change our thoughts. That is only more thinking. Instead, we can be aware of the body's senses or our breathing and it will bring us back to the present moment where the mind rests tranquilly.

There is something deeper here to observe. Beyond our thinking, there is within us all that remains unconscious. This unconsciousness does not express itself in our thinking. Instead, we sense an uneasiness or maybe a feeling of dread. When you recognize this unease, it is a gift, even though it may feel uncomfortable. That which is unconscious deep within you is being released into consciousness.

We do not need to analyze or interpret what this unease means, why it is here, or how to get rid of it. Instead, we allow the unease to be just as it is. That is to say, we consciously BE with the uneasiness. In this willingness, we are burning the unconsciousness as it transforms into consciousness and this happens all by itself. Our consciousness becomes more clear and therefore seems to grow stronger and brighter.

Being with uneasiness or emotion is the same as watching or listening to your thoughts. The only difference is that thoughts are in your head, whereas emotion is expressed within our physical body. Just like not being controlled by your thinking, you are then not controlled by emotion. Instead, you consciously recognize that you are the awareness of emotion instead of being the emotion. When you are the watcher of emotion, it cannot use you. There is a space between "you" and the physical emotion.

That space is the doorway to your organic being.

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