Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Joy of Being ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

All longing, seeking and discontent have their roots in the delusion that we are separate from the Heart of all being. When we are desiring and wanting things, people or circumstances at some future date, we cannot be conscious of our organic sense of being; the joy of being that is already within.

When we are identified with the ego state of consciousness, it is as though we BECOME the longing for what we "think" that we lack. We become the discontentment that we are trying to escape. We desire something other than the present moment. Even enlightenment can become something that we are seeking and we believe that it can only "happen" at some future date.

When we have a future fixation, we are not being present for the very joy that we have been seeking within every other. The joy of being can only be realized now and it is within you. Lost in an external search, it cannot be found. The only option is to look within.

Where is your attention right now?

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Dear Katie,
At present our attention is identified with the image created by us about us.For all practical purposes this image
represents us and is always hidden at the bottom of everything we do.
It gives a direction to our consciousness.Anything directed is limited,so our consciousness is apparently limited,so feels imprisoned in this image and struggles for release and seeking
truth is part of this struggle to get released from the image we created about ourselves and in this process new images are created and image gets deeply rooted.So seeking the truth through thought always creates new images further complicating the already confused state of the mind.
So what to do without using the thought? Can we passively observe
the image so that the image flowers in the passive awareness revealing it's contents fully in the passive awareness and the flowering of the image in passive awareness is the withering of the image.In passive awareness we have
direct experience that image is not an existential entity.In that very revelation there is transmutation of our being without
time involvement.Each time you observe this image without the interference of thought you peel from the image,you break your identity with that,you disconnect from the image as being part of you.If you observe something fundamentally it is not you.As you peel from the image like this you
will find yourself spontaneously
abiding in the tranquil centre of passive awareness,just abide in that state of "I am".At this point there is no "I" thought,no feeling of an "I" as an object presently sensed.Just be there.After sometime mind will take over again
due to the influence of tendencies,
that is natural, do not be frustrated.With practice in passive
awareness you will find much easier
to abide in this state of "I am" and for longer periods.There must
be no expectation,no effort,no hurry,no goal, just passively aware,
that is enough.This process deprives the image of all thoughts
and perceptions that it normally identifies with.Then this image will subside and finally disappear
and only passive awareness is left.
In religious jargon it is described
as an extraordinary state of
"self realisation" but it is our natural state of self conscious being.

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

This is beautiful and wisdom speaking ... ~ Katie