Sunday, November 9, 2008

Katie Davis, Compassion, Service, Suffering, Author, Awake Joy

Questioner ~

We are all ONE... The world is as it should be... Suffering is just due to the dualistic mind. Yes?

Is the grief of the mother who has lost her child due to her dualistic thinking?
Is the pain the dying child feel just due to the child's dualstic thinking?
Is the starvation in the world as it should be?
Are the suffering from the victims of war just coming from the their minds of dualistic thinking?
Is the pain a victim of violence (physical from a broken body and mentally from the experience) just due to the dualistic thinkng of the mind...?

And is the hope for a "better" world and my goal to do the best I can to ease the suffering just due to my dualistic mind?


I am delighted that you asked this question. It is the very essence of the spiritual quest. This is life's purpose. Until this body's last breath, I will be pointing to the possibility, potentiality and Reality that is within.

Self-realization is the end of all suffering. For ourselves, our relationships, the world, the living earth. Can you imagine this? And yet, there are so many who cannot hear this call. This is not a trivial matter. The impact is as huge as the universe.

Our first responsibility is to wake up from daytime dream of dual mind, its suffering and its time. When we discover that virtually NOTHING is as it seems, the focus shifts inner. If I am not "me" ... then who is really here?

Between the Heart that you actually are and the misidentification with the false, separate sense of self (the mind-made self) is the pain gap. Within that gap is not only what appears to be our personal suffering, but also the COLLECTIVE suffering that you are noticing in the world. Through this misidentification, suffering appears not only in our lives ... but within the world of form. We blame the world and yet we are projecting it.

The only enduring resolution is to dive in and realize the unconditional love, perfect peace and overflowing abundance that we are. In Self-realization, the dual mind is destroyed and realized as the illumined mind that is at home as the Heart. When we then turn to look at the world without the pre-existing pain gap ... it is the "new earth." It is here now for everyone. The key is within you.

Someone shared a story of walking on the street in the city and she came upon a man who was laying on the sidewalk just left to die. Everyone on the crowded street was just walking by. They may not have even been conscious of the situation. The person called an aid car and perhaps saved the man from dying.

She had an apparent choice there. She could have been scared and upset about the situation, judgmental of the others that were walking by and then generalized it as an uncaring world. This negativity actually strengthens the negativity in the collective consciousness and the negative only gains more power.

So we are asked to stay still as the genuine love and compassion that we are. We remain free of judgment and in acceptance of what is. Stay true to the Heart. We are then spontaneously animated in right action.

Instead of interpretation (bad, awful, shouldn't be) ... yes, this man may be dying ... compassion moves us into action. True compassion never reduces to suffering. In the old world, when we saw people suffering, we would begin suffering as well. In the new world, True Compassion remains steadfast as authentic Love in action.

It is a mystery why so few hear this call. If we will investigate to discover the falsehood of the separate self, then dive into the collective ego, we realize the delusion of suffering ... you are free ... and collectively the world is free.

Meanwhile, the love that we are is in constant selfless service. Helping Love's child that has fallen on the playground. Opening the door for the elderly. Every day there are simply ways to give this love away; to be the instrument of true love.

We either strengthen the illusion ... or we realize the Truth.

If this can be true for "katie" it is true for everyone. We are free of all bondage right now. We have only to look with clearsight. THAT is a miracle.

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