Friday, November 7, 2008

What is Satchitananda? by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

When speaking of awakening and Self-realization, we often hear the Sanskrit term "satchitananda" or being-consciousness-bliss.

Reality is alway Real. It never changes and is free of names and forms. It is the only enduring, supreme Reality ... and you are That.

You are beyond your given name, beyond "me and my thoughts," "me and my emotions," "me and my form."

You are the single immanent Reality and it is being experienced within you right now. The question, are you conscious of it?

When speaking, I often refer to this Reality as the Self, Essence, Heart, Pure Awareness or Pure I. They are only words that point to the supreme principle that is ever shining within and available for direct realization.

The Self is pure being and this being is not personal. The Reality is also conscious, so we speak of Pure Consciousness. The direct experience of this Pure Consciousness is unbroken happiness, uncaused joy and Pure Bliss.

While being-consciousness-bliss may appear to be separate attributes of the Reality, this is not true. It is one homogeneous field of intelligence that is absolutely inseparable from who you are.

My invitation is to be still and notice what is shining deep within.

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