Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Self-illuminating Light of Consciousness ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

The Self-illuminating light of consciousness is the light by which the mind can see. We would not be able to sense or perceive anything within this dimension without this Pure Awareness or Pure I; who you truly are.

The mind turned outward is the altered state of consciousness that we refer to as the ego and the world. In this, we suffer the delusion of separation and therefore experience a sense of abandonment, alienation and lack; whether we are conscious of the fact or not. This fear then takes form in our life situation as anger, sadness, etc.

The mind turned inward and that disappears into Pure Awareness is then realized as the illumined mind. In this, all suffering is destroyed and we realize that we are sacred love and perfect peace, without the slightest separation.

Both the conditioned mind and the illumined mind are totally dependent on Awareness. Although inseparable, the mind cannot stand alone, whereas Pure Awareness alone is real.

It is a mystery why we seek this Awareness and are not conscious of its presence. It is always here. It is everywhere you are. In fact, it is another name for you.

Every day, we pass through three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming and deep sleep. All three states are dependent upon Pure Awareness. They are appearing within Awareness. Everything is appearing within Awareness. All is appearing within you.

The three states come and go, whereas Awareness is state-free, eternal and never changing. Awareness is transcendental and is the bedrock upon which all is appearing. It is the Life that is supporting all living.

1. Waking is dependent on Awareness.

Are you aware right now in the waking state?

2. Dreaming is dependent on Awareness.

Are you aware when you are dreaming?

3. Deep sleep is dependent on Awareness.

You may not have body consciousness during deep sleep, but when you awaken in the morning, are you aware that you had a good night's sleep?

You are this Awareness.

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