Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friends of the Heart January-February Newsletter ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy, Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit

The Friends of the Heart January-February Newsletter by Katie Davis, author, Awake Joy and Sundance Burke, author, Free Spirit just published at the Katie Davis Website. To enjoy this issue, please click: Friends of the Heart

In This Issue:

"Self-Inquiry is the Direct Approach to Enlightenment" by Katie Davis

"Free Downloads: Chapters of Awake Joy by Katie Davis, chapters of Free Spirit by Sundance Burke, free e-books, essays and dialogues"

"Exactly, Great Question and Clear Seeing" by Sundance Burke

"Katie Davis Published in Star People in Tokyo, Japan"

"Write an Amazon Review"

"Ordinary Enlightenment ~ The Movie"

"Say I Am You" by Rumi

"Numii Net ~ Serving the Awakening Community"

"We Are Moving"


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Thursday, January 22, 2009

You Are So Beautiful ... ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

You are so beautiful ... this knowing, glowing, bliss ...

So radiant ... complete ... so full that it is overflowing ...

Asking always for the impossibility of its speaking.

Or kindly requesting for a word to be written that couldn't possibly contain it.

Nonetheless, just underneath the words, the river flows.

Even the mind is attracted to such writing, but will never know why.

Bliss speaks at the depth, whether one is conscious of it or not.

Writing as the mind is always one dimensional and flat. Pick up a book and without reading a word, we can sense who has written on the pages inside.

I swear writing is more like a bliss trick.

It captures the eye and its attention, while bliss is consuming all that remains just underneath.

Then suddenly, without cause, the Lotus bursts into full bloom ...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Is Peace? Excerpt from the Friends of the Heart Facebook Group

Each day, Katie Davis meets with Heart Friends worldwide and other wisdom people in the Friends of the Heart Facebook Group to share and contemplate the awakening, Self-inquiry, enlightenment and Self-realization.

Below are two excerpts from the group's Discussion Board that Heart Friend, Sam White, published on his Profile Notes Tab. On the Discussion Board, these excerpts are in the Topic "What Is Peace?" if you would like to enjoy all 28 posts for this topic.


PEACE by Sam, answered by Katie Davis
Yesterday at 2:39pm

Peace will happen.
It may take a while for it to be Earth-wide. . .

Peace depends on Awareness, no matter HOW it is looked at, . . . . A raised level of Awareness if you like. . . Where taking responsibility for the relationship to Truth happens constantly in every moment with and thru, one’s sense of Self; that can and does happen as a prime foundation-stone to any aspect of Peace.

From where the process of Peace is, right NOW, in the World of Man, stems from a lack of education, or a lack of Awareness, primarily in the individual Awareness, that feeds into and becomes One with the collective Awareness.

In the coming to Awareness that we are not our beliefs held as inherit ancestral story of hate and war passed from generation to generation, we take responsibility for the connection to our own beliefs, and Realise we are a ‘we’, with NO difference between the (so-called) ‘us’ and ‘them’.

The experience that we are ONE PEOPLE, One Awareness, One body, One Entity, . . . we can view thru our sometimes seemingly individual pair of eyes, which IS only part of the collective eye of Awareness that IS the (so-called) One-ness experiencable in this Awareness of Earth’s reality.

Allowing the Awareness of Love dancing at your feet to be Realised we are One Love, . . . is purely allowing knowledge of Awareness to be available and relevant to those with guns pouring blood as death and injury upon the Earth.

How to facilitate the flow of Knowledge to those most in need of this Awareness, that can and would facilitate Peace is not (seemingly) in my power to facilitate.

Maybe Peace is not what this Earth reality is about. . . But only an impulse for some who incarnate here to use as a starting point for evolving Awareness beyond what appears to BE.

To plainly accept war as what it is. . . and to not mix it up with Peace, . . . is to come to Peace itself.

The only gun you hear in Australia is the occasional car back-firing, which is rare. So for me to talk about war is like talking about swimming and never ever seeing water.


Katie Davis replied to your post

Hello Sam ~

Thank you for sharing this. You write with great clarity and wisdom. Also amazing about no guns in Australia. Seems it would surely offer more sanity!

Pure Awareness is the whole and complete Absolute Reality that never changes, whereas consciousness is either pure or altered (yet never loses its essential purity). The greater awakening that is occurring on the planet is that the altered state is dissolving.

In the beginning, some take this awakening as personal. The truth of the matter is that consciousness is disidentifying with form. This is an extraordinary time! Form is still appearing of course as its tremendous power, but consciousness is no longer getting lost in its form.

When it is free of its altered states, it is unconditional love and the perfect peace of pure consciousness that is not only "our" transformation, but as the collective, the transformation of the world.

Pure consciousness is not changing ... the altered (false) states are "burning."

Yes ... just as you say ... peace will inevitably happen, unless the divided mind with its ever increasing power of technology does not destroy humanity first.

A historian could chart the time periods when civilizations were eliminated. Were they destroyed because they were threatening the living earth?

Native cultures consider themselves stewards of the earth. Contemporary cultures act as though the earth and its resources belong to them, which is just the opposite. If humanity threatens the earth, will humans be exterminated? :)

But you see, even then we have perfect peace, just no form.

The concept of evolution, I will leave to the scientists. As the altered states dissolve, will that mean changes in the DNA, etc. of the body? I am in two national research studies now designed for the medical community (guinea pig, I guess, just answer questions). One group has as the lead, a scientist that is also awake. There are also physicians encountering their own awakening and trying to get their professional community to listen, so at last perhaps there is true curiosity.

If the scientist is not awake, they are observing from the altered state ... therefore the observation will accordingly be altered.

What effect will That which is truly watching have on Itself??

Would that truly be evolution? Many scientists say so ... no certainty here. From the standpoint of the physician and their testing ... maybe. Or will the realized Total Being just not require the medical community when it is free of its altered states? THAT would surely end the studies quickly! :)

Evolution is something that occurs within form. Isn't it? Well, if we are wearing dark glasses and see the world in a certain way and then take off the dark glasses and see it a different way, would we refer to that as evolution?

So could we say that consciousness is evolving, as many well known speakers/teachers are saying? Is dissolving the altered into what it has forever been considered evolution? Pure consciousness has never changed.

Is the analyzing and interpreting mind a good tool or a distraction and postponement?

All future ...

Being now ... wait and see ...

In the meantime, no matter what the discussion ... whether altered states, living earth, human vs. earth, evolution, scientists, physicians, DNA, the Total Being or whatever, it is "time" to keenly focus on the essential question, who is "I" and Self-realization.

If time runs out, does that mean that it is the end of times such as in the book of Revelations? Or does it just mean the end of time ... NOW.

Questions, doubt, complexity and uncertainty always point to mind. Sometimes fun and fascinating though as play. After all, the possibilities are infinite!

That said, not knowing now is such simplicity.

All Love ~ Kate

In contemplation of the above, just below this post is a video of Akiane, a 10 year old prodigy, artist, poet and author of two bestselling books after she encountered a spiritual transformation at age four. She is considered by some to be an Indigo Child (briefly explained below.)


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Akiane, Child Prodigy, Artist, Poet, Bestselling Author of Two Books, "Indigo Child"

At the time of this amazing interview, Akiane was only ten years old. She has been recognized internationally as the only known child binary genius in both realistic painting and poetry. I wanted to share with you her interview, art and poetry. She was selected as one of twenty most accomplished visual artists in the world. She is an inductee into the Kids Hall of Fame and World Council of Gifted and Talented Children.

In addition, Akiane is a best-selling author of two books "Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry" and "My Dream is Bigger than I - Memories of Tomorrow"

Akiane is considered to be an Indigo Child and according to the Indigo Prophecy that shares that children born around 1982 are different and like no other generation on record. Many forums have been organized to help transform how we regard children and how to teach them, while organizing opportunities for these young citizens to share their message with us. Akiane message is that God is Love.

She had a spiritual transformation at age four, speaks fours languages, plays the piano, was born underwater to an atheistic family in poverty and was never trained in painting. Her goal is to share her divine love worldwide.

For more on Akiane and more photos of her paintings, please click Akiane to forward to her website.

Other YouTube videos on other Indigo Children at:

Katie Davis Website

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Only This Love by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

All love is one Love and when we fall in love with one another, it is said that we are experiencing the Divine. Rumi, a thirteenth century Sufi poet, defines love as a mystical moment, when two spiritually connected individuals meet. We call it love at first sight. In this meeting of eyes, Rumi romantically writes, we not only experience the union of two loving souls, but also the Love that is the crux of the universe.

Whether ethereal or everyday love, such as mother for child, when this cherished moment appears, we often have the misperception that someone or some other thing caused this rising in Love. In truth, we lose ourselves. This disappearance creates a crevice through which radiant love shines. There is only This Love and it is ever-present.

Love requires no other. Kirtana, a lovely songwriter and guitarist, sings, “Beloved, I have waited throughout all time…to welcome you…into these arms of mine.” Free of any other, in an effortless, spontaneous instant, Kirtana dissolved, the present moment disappeared, and only Beloved remained.

Beloved is the sacred substratum of our existence, which is free of lovers all together. It does not reside within the confines of “throughout all time.” It is discovered in the twinkling of an eye of no time. This Self-discovery allows unconditional love to emerge into our lives, our relationships and into the world.

As time travelers, we are identified with being a lover who loves someone else. As long as this subject-object relationship remains, true love cannot thrive. We expect and demand this or that to satisfy our self-created sense of lack. This lack is the ego’s belief in individuality as identity and its separation. It manifests in this world as the never-ending search for personal love, gratification and acceptance.

The false sense of “me” hopelessly pretends to separate from Totality and then expects someone else to fill the resulting pain gap. It fears the loss of a lover; it feels jealous, competes and needs. It voices its love for the Divine and faithfully expresses deep longing. Yet, it stubbornly insists upon maintaining its sense of separation and of course, the result is suffering. Nonsensically, it then blames someone else for the pain. It is the divided one, who is longing and searching, that sustains our estrangement.

Love is not personal. It cannot be gained through any other. Love cannot be given to you, nor can it be threatened or taken away. It is essentially who you are. When you are seeking a lover, you are actually searching for love. You are overlooking that you are what you are seeking, which is why it cannot be found.

Before you continue this search, my invitation is to discover that you are love’s conscious fulfillment. In this discovery, you then have the opportunity to meet romantic love in wholeness. You are free of the pre-existing condition and pain gap. You no longer need to complete yourself.

If you are already in a problematic relationship, such as personal relationships can only be, as true lovers, you can disappear together. Free of “you” and “me,” we intimately rise above the push and pull of personal relationship and preciously rise as the Pure Love that we genuinely are.

In its purity and wholeness, Love is synonymous with Self-realization. It is the realized maturity of the human Being. Then, romantic love does not need to bloom. When the perfect lover appears, the Rose already is.

KATIE DAVIS is author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment. In 1986, she radically and spontaneously awakened. Since 1999, she has been sharing her message of enlightened love, perfect peace and causeless joy that is presently available for every human being and that the key to world transformation is already present within us.

Katie Davis Website

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Great Silence ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

The Great Silence is forever present. We have only to notice it. Many say that words obstruct the silence. However, words are much like birds flying through the sky. They have no impact on the backdrop.

As silence, we are much like the sky and appreciate a multitude of objects: the thought "I" and all of its other thoughts, the body, emotions, mental images, senses, energies, the breath, the stars, the moon ... the entire universe of experience. Experience simply flows through like a river without leaving a single footprint on the radiant field of silence.

When we mentally fixate or identify with a word, attention immediately narrows. Suddenly, we are no longer conscious of the silence. It is remarkable that we are an unfathomable sound of silence that vibrates the entire universe and yet we habitually narrow and fixate on one tiny word.

The word is not problematic, but our fixation is an obstruction. The obstruction does not mean that the stillness is no longer here. We just cannot be conscious of its presence and get caught up in form. In the end, silence speaks louder than word.

The invitation is to be true to the vast openness that we genuinely are, while everything temporal dances through. After all, words are only pointers toward that which they represent. When I write the word "rose" perhaps it invokes a corresponding mental image. That image is based on past experience. If you read the word "rose" and you had never seen one, no mental image appears. The appearance or disappearance of the mental image is just as meaningless as whether an image is beautiful or ugly. It has no impact on the radiant silence that you are. Image after image appears and then fades away.

During awakening, some have great uncertainty, when the ego's life situation is falling away. However, every dream fades. The content of this instant is different from the content of the next. Each present moment is new and fresh. In fact, the only thing that is certain is change. While the mind might call it falling apart, the truth of the matter, it is renewal. The pain and suffering comes when we try to hold on and resist the fading. If a butterfly held on to its comfy cocoon, it would never fly free and complete its transformation.

Just as the so called ego falls away, the same is true for the collective ego and all of its systems, structures, beliefs and assumptions. If we look at this from the individual ego's viewpoint of collapse, it strikes fear. Noticing it as silence, it has the infinite potential of total rebirth.

As we become more conscious of the silence that surrounds us, we notice an ever expanding silence within. One fine day, this stillness breaks away from form and even the loudest noise cannot touch or disturb it. We realize that this indestructible, rock-like silence is who we are. It is permanent and free of change.

Experience then becomes mystical in nature. Everything appears as Bliss. Out of blissful silence, a bird chirps, the clock tics, the breath expands and collapses, a slight smell of jasmine in the air ... and then fades away.

As Heart Friends, we are pretty much scattered around the globe as far as bodies go; from California to Finland, from Manitoba to South Africa, from an island in the middle of the Pacific to Australia, and most of everything in between.

However, as Rumi so poetically wrote: "Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a Field. I'll meet you there."

That Sacred Field is the Great Silence and its power is an enormous playground of peace. Each moment that you notice a kiss of stillness, we are whispering the language of Love, without even a heartbeat of separation. In this newly found world, the finite is a pool of infinite, blissful possibility. I'll meet you there.

Katie Davis Website, Author, Awake Joy

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Totality of this Moment by Katie Davis - Katie Davis Blog: AwakebyKatie

As the Totality, we are the formless NOW ... with the power of consciousness appearing as a universe. This enchanting moment is not appearing in the past as some bygone memory and the future is plainly not here, other than the limited mind might imagine it.

Let's take a complete look at this moment. The mind probably judges and dismisses it as ordinary. But you are not the divided mind, you are the Totality. Both the body and the divided mind can be adorable; but they are presently limited due to false perceptions.

When we begin desiring something future, we begin imagining, perhaps visualizing, affirming and creating, only a limited possibility. It is limited, since it is being imagined by a conditioned doer that believes that it is a separate and limited body. That doer and its desires are all based on past experience. What we desire and dislike are the conditioned outcomes of how we felt during a past situation.

When we begin spiritual awakening, we begin sensing it as a personal awakening. We begin this profound inward journey through the inner body. We see someone who is awake and another who is not. We call this one enlightened, but that one not. At some point, it is realized what has forevermore been realized and awake ... and there is no one here.

There is no doer. This does not mean that we sit doing nothing. It merely means that "you" are not doing it. It is all happening by itself through the unlimited intelligence and the power of consciousness, with such dynamic simplicity.

Some who are reading this might say, "This is not for me. This is just giving up too much!" Well, this is hardly a diminishment. All that is lost is a self that never was ... and we realize the awe of an entire universe to play in.

It is shocking that we could have ever missed this and imagine that through some massive reduction of an infinite and unfathomable true Self, whose power is the appearance of the universe, and believe ourselves to be a tiny finite body that is somehow alienated from Totality (impossible). That is like trying to pour all of the worlds oceans into a tiny espresso cup. Then as this tiny cup and its cupful of attention or knowledge, we are too busy creating, or otherwise distracted, to realize fully and completely what we genuinely are.

For most, the inward journey may have taken several years. Upon Self-realization, a profound integration begins blossoming. Pure "I" is permanent and never again tries to separate. Meanwhile, the power of consciousness is opening and opening to the totality of experience. Since the mirror is now illuminated, it is a perfect, still reflector of unconditional love and peace of the divinity.

So, the invitation is to be completely the Totality of this moment. The unfathomable formlessness ... and planets in space orbiting and spinning, the ebb and flow of the tides, the sun rising, a flower blooming in sunlight, the whales birthing and the beautiful physical body that you once called "yours." Yes, there is destruction in this moment, tiny cells dying, stars colliding ... the dream falling apart as it does each and every night when you go to bed ... and it is simultaneously total renewal.

The living Truth is animating all form and experience. One could say, Life is living. This moment is not only magnificent ... but it is virtually all there is and it is the quality of consciousness this very moment that is the world.

The New Dawn is here ...

Katie Davis Website, Author, Awake Joy

Katie Davis Blog: AwakebyKatie