Friday, July 17, 2009

The Grace of Silent Retreat by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Silent Retreat is an opportunity to step out of daily activities and profoundly rest as deep silence. This stillness is the aliveness that is already within you, untouched by the ego, its time and suffering. This is an extraordinary chance to realize the Heart that you genuinely are at the core of being through being present, deep resting and Self-inquiry.

Gathering together for an extended period in the frequency of satsang, you may realize the conscious freedom and causeless joy that is endlessly available through spiritual awakening, enlightenment and Self-realization. With the rare guidance and support that only true satsang can offer, it is a time to at last discover the truth of one's being or to deepen, integrate and “stabilize” that profound realization.

Silent retreat is an intimate and safe place to expose the lie of every imagined obstacle to lasting happiness that is the birthright of every human being. It is a private time to focus on what you truly want, what really matters and then tell the truth about that revelation.

Retreat is one of radical relaxation to allow the ego, its anxieties and fears to totally unwind. With all daily needs taken care of for you, there are no distractions and you are able to effortlessly focus. When all falls away, you realize that what remains is an unspeakable sacredness, a field of pure potentiality that is eternal peace, bliss and wise love that has no opposition whatsoever. This shift is called Self-realization and it is the conscious and permanent fulfillment of the human being.

Perhaps you have assumed that a life that is totally free of negativity and suffering is utterly impossible. While we are required to explore this altered state of consciousness to its core, when the divided mind dissolves and we realize its illumination, it is the permanent end to all suffering. In fact, it is realized that suffering is no longer even possible!

This is far more than a “personal” freedom. There are universal reference points through which one will inevitably seem to pass and as one shifts deeper, the life situation and indeed the world situation effortlessly shifts on its own accord. In the end, the mind is only a mirror and when the "fog" on the mirror burns away, we have a perfect reflection of the Heart.

When we allow this realization to fully integrate, we no longer have a Source from which "all else" flows (duality and separation). We discover that we are living in a virtual paradise that reflects the basic goodness, selfless service, true compassion and unconditional love that is the Heart of all being.

I am not asking you to "believe" this. I am only inviting you to look, pointing where to look, and in what manner. Then, it is up to you. In this willingness, this realization is profoundly direct. Instead of doubt, confusion, frustration, misunderstanding and detours to Self-realization, we have harmony, simplicity and right understanding of the false. This is not a trivial matter. When it is said that you are the key to world transformation, it is a virtual truth.

While you may be perhaps prepared for an earthquake, are you prepared to be shaken awake? I have been traveling since 1999 and meeting a worldwide Heart family. The greater awakening is alive and flourishing ... so magnificently beautiful! By now, one could say that this shift is inevitable! Self-realization is not reserved for saints and sages. How could it be so, when it is the very essence that you already are?

Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy, is presently offering two silent retreats with satsang. The Mediterranean Retreat September 16-20 and the Magnificence! Silent Retreat and Satsang February 11-16 at a private spa estate upcountry Maui with Sundance Burke, author of Free Spirit.

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The Katie Davis Satsang Schedule is offering satsang in Seattle, Bellevue Washington, Valencia Spain, Bristol and London England, A Weekend of Satsang and Song in Paris France with music by Alexandra Cherrington, Keynote Presenter at the Body Soul and Spirit Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver BC and Vancouver Satsang.

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