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Friends of the Heart January 2008 - Katie Davis, Sundance Burke

The new Friends of the Heart January 2008 Newsletter is now posted at and we invite you to come visit. On this page, you may also sign up for a free monthly newsletter from Katie Davis.

This issue of Friends of the Heart includes "Adoration" by Katie Davis, "Only the Self is Love" by Sundance Burke, Presales Discount Info for Awake Joy by Katie Davis and Free Spirit by Sundance Burke, Sign Our Guest Books, Information about Satsang and Upcoming events, "Loss Grief, and Grace" by Meredith Young-Sowers, author of Spirit Heals and "A Way of Communicating Nonduality" by Jerry Katz, editor of One and narrator of the Nonduality Salon at

Friends of the Heart has added a Contributor's Directory so that you may more conveniently enjoy the wisdom writings that has been submitted over the years by non-dual authors, singer/songwriters, artists and ecstatic poets.

Katie Davis Friends of the Heart:

Dallas, Sedona, Flagstaff Satsang - Katie Davis, Sundance Burke

Reminder for satsang and satsang intensives with Katie Davis and Sundance Burke. For Plano/Richardson/Dallas, Texas registration, go to Schedule individual appointments with either Sundance or Katie by contacting Jordan Shafer at

Last day for Sedona Registration discounts is January 10. After that date, we welcome your donations at the door. Flagstaff satsang and satsang intensive registration is open at Contact Richard Sink at More information about Richard's programs at
You may also donate at the door for all of these events. More information at

Registration discount for Boulder, Richmond Hill, Toronto and Chicago open until April 1, then at the door.

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Falling Apart Part 3 of 4 - Awakening - The Shadow is the Illusion by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy - Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie

Part three in a series of 4 (note original question on December 28)

Katie Davis Continues Discussion with Questioner:

It is as though you are standing with your back to the sun and watching your shadow outside on the ground. And, you think the shadow is you! Then you look at everything in the dimness of your own projected shadow of misidentity and separation; then blame the contents within the shadow for the darkness and your suffering.

You would never confuse yourself with you shadow, isn’t this true? You are striving to get rid of the shadow, but don’t want to get rid of what is causing the shadow. This separate sense of self, this perceived false image of a separate individual as identity, is the cause of the shadow.

This conditioned belief in separation is the cause of human suffering. It begins with the first thought "I" and all the other separating thoughts follow. I know that this dreaming "I" seems to be a harmless one letter word “I.”

On the other hand, look how you have glorified a separate, objective word? Can you consider the possibility that the separation that you are suffering is inherent in your idea of being a separate individual, independent entity?

Your thoughts are projecting out into the world. The separate sense of self projects separating thoughts and is only capable of perceiving separation. Naturally ... it suffers. This projection of thought into the world is what I am analogizing as the shadow. As long as you are standing there (with you back to the sun), there is the illusion of a shadow. I am inviting you to turn your back on the shadow and see that the sun is radiantly shining. The sun has always been here, but you are focused on the shadow of suffering caused by the projection of the first thought “I.” Turn you mind inward and discover your radiance.

You have two opportunities. The first, you could turn you back on the shadow and investigate this assumption of me. The second, instead of trying to escape the suffering, walk right into it. Investigate it fully. What is the nature of this vast void of suffering, not just your suffering but the suffering of all humanity.

Is there a possibility to surrender this story of me in 100% willingness? Is it possible to 100% surrender this concept of “I?” 

Not because I say so, but because you are also willing to investigate this concept of "me" and directly experience that there is no one there? 

With 100% willingness to be free, there is ease in awakening. With only 90% willingness, there may be phenomenonally beautiful experiences of awakening. These glimpses may be truly profound. But the 10% that remains in holdback and continues to cause feelings of fragmentation, disorientation and continued senseless, pointless suffering. 

Are you willing to release that 10% to be what it truly already is? This release stops the suffering. Actually, it reveals the illusion of all psychological suffering. You are free. In fact, you are free right now. 

When will you look?

(This conversation with the questioner and Katie Davis is to be continued)

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Falling Apart by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy - Part 2 of 4 - Awakening - Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie

Part Two of a Series of 4 (For questioner, see first entry on December 28)

Katie Davis:

Sometimes in moments of loss, we turn away from the world, away from everyone and everything, away from people, possessions, and general life circumstances. This turning to be alone is such a gift. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to change life circumstances, in the end, we still do not feel happy. In grief and loss, no matter how long we attempt to heal the pain, it seems to remain. The blessing is that attention is turned inward.

Self-observation begins and the basic dysfunctions of conditioned thought are exposed and made conscious. The "normal" functioning of conditioned thought is relatively the same for everyone, with of course individual circumstantial differences. 

Through the observation of thought, attachment and identification with them subsides. When we realize that we are not our thoughts, we begin noticing that we are really the pure attention that is observing the thoughts. This is our first step toward liberation, toward the Truth of being that we are right now. Once this primary dysfunction is made conscious, the thoughts may be released; the conditioning is freed.

We begin discerning what is true and what is false. You can observe the subconscious storylines that are driving the conditioning. You have the choice to stop following them. Maybe there are certain thoughts that just do not need to be thought any longer. In this release, there is more space. You notice that you are really the spaciousness within which the conditioned thought stream flows. There is an opening and a relaxation of the mind. With more tranquility, the thought stream starts slowing. In the slowing, there is less emotional reactivity, since we are no longer identified with the thought.


I tried years of therapy and my feelings did improve somewhat.

Katie Davis:

Yes, of course, everything has its place within time. I am sure a greater self-understanding emerged from those meetings and perhaps a new type of programming that supported a more balanced life. Certainly, a compassionate listener helps you to hear your thoughts and feelings.

Because of past conditioning, certain thoughts are linked to certain emotions and by releasing this programming, the linkage is broken or improves somewhat. Your relative happiness improves accordingly. We feel relatively happier. Better programming facilitates emotional balance, however it still is programming and it is still ego's programming. It is like changing the television channel to better programming, but it still is only a program on television. There is nothing real about it. Happiness still comes and goes, sometimes happy and sometimes very sad.

Therapy definitely has it’s place and provides a wonderful support for people in difficult times, allows us to watch our thoughts and how they interact with our emotions. It is just that if you are searching for that which is permanent, that is, a joy that can never leave you, you can not find it within the relative, within the impermanent. Impermanence cannot provide permanence.

Can you see that you are continuing to believe that you are somehow separate and this uninvestigated assumption of individuality as identity has never been directly examined yet. You said that you have been on this path for many years. Perhaps you have studied your thoughts, your feelings, and your form long enough. Improving limited objects does not make them unlimited. The invitation before you right now is to see who the star of this movie really is. In other words, whose thoughts, whose emotions, whose form. Who are you really?

(Part Three of Falling Apart, a Dialogue with a questioner and Katie Davis will continue tomorrow)

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Falling Apart by Katie Davis - Part 1 of 4 by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy - Katie Davis Blog: Awake by Katie

Part One of Four in a Dialogue Series with Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy:


I have been on the spiritual path for many years and yet there are circumstances in my life that still cause me to suffer. I feel like I just can't stand it any longer. Just when I think that everything is finally good and going well, another thing happens and I go right back into the suffering. Right now, my life is simply falling apart all around me. I can't believe that this is happening to me right now. My relationship is failing and sometimes I feel that if I were to let myself cry, I would never stop. You speak of joy, but I tell you, Katie, I don't see it. Just when is it going to happen to me? What more can I do?

Katie Davis:

You can realize that you, as you think that you are, can do nothing. I am asking you to stop trying, to stop effort and to be still. Stop trying to hold it all together. Stop trying to hold 'yourself' together. You said that you have tried everything. Have you ever tried nothing at all? I am calling you to a deeper surrender.

We have been living under the false assumption that we are separate individuals as our true identity. We accepted this assumption when we were children and attempted to build a stable life. How is it possible to create a happy life, when it is based on the pain and suffering of separation, based on a lie. Through Grace, and with a certain spiritual maturity, there is enough disillusionment with life circumstances and a weariness arises or perhaps a given life situation slaps us to our knees in tremendous grief and loss. I am asking you to use this loss as an opportunity to go deeper. I am asking you to investigate the reality of this individual that you are calling "you."

Most people in this world are focused on the objects of the world, on object consciousness. They define themselves according to life circumstances and the conditioning that surrounds those life situations, based on past experience. There is a magical belief that somehow some thing or someone outside will be able to finally bring us happiness. As long as one searches outside of oneself, happiness will continue to elude them. It is an impossibility. You are searching for happiness where it can not be found.

Awake by Katie Davis Blog Friends - The dialogue will continue tomorrow

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Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie

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Can You Just Allow it to Be? by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Can you just allow it to be as it is? Right now, is it good enough? Truthfully, does anything need changing ... I mean only right now.

Listen to conditioned thought and watch it trying to control and manipulate the situation... constant struggle. Well, what happens if you just give up? Yes, stop. It is plain to see that this moment already is. Is it not true? How could struggling with what already is cause anything more than more suffering. Just allow it to be as it is.

Ok, so you have surrendered, right? Now watch the ego pick it immediately up in some type of victimhood. As soon as you let go to allow the circumstances, it begins telling an internal story of oppression. This is the past that only appears to be alive in you. Can you see that it is only conditioned thought? Well, what if you just allowed that to be as well?

Listen without involvement. Just watch without resistance. Yes, the mind is resisting, but you are not the mind. Can you see that these thoughts are a little crazy? I am not speaking of judging them. Just listen. This is all about the past, the little suffering me, or about the future and its ambition to get somewhere other than where it is. Stop and breathe.

You are not your thoughts. You are not the situation that seems to be causing some type of conflict. You are not these emotions. The emotions are being caused by the problematic thinking, so the body reacts and we call it emotion. Yes, feel it fully. Let the heart crack open and see that only love and peace remain. Welcome the emotions and watch how they perpetuate. Just watch. It is truly amazing, is it not?

The separate sense of self has the idea that it has some type of pseudo power over some other if it could only resist loud enough. Can you see that the dispute is only with yourself? Can you see that true power is to allow it all to be. I am not suggesting that you remain in a situation that is harmful, but in that second, can you see with clarity that it already is? In that clarity arises right action.

It is the quality of your conscious intelligence right now that is the next moment. Can you attend the clarity and attention to keep your inner space open, clear, unprotected and free?

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Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie by Davis

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Awake Joy & Free Spirit Presales Open - Katie Davis, Sundance Burke

Presales are open for Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment by Katie Davis and Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being by Sundance Burke. Both books are hardbound, each with 224 pages.

Until February 1, we are offering a 20% discount on each book. In addition, we are also offering a Togetherness Presale Discount for those who would like both books. The Togetherness Discount is 30%, plus two books ship for the price of one.

Awake Joy and Free Spirit will ship February 1. The presale discounts apply until February 1.

Click the following links to enjoy Awake Joy: Summary, Contents, Reviews, Katie Davis Biography, Purchase.

For Free Spirit, please click: Summary, Contents, Reviews, Sundance Burke Biography, Purchase.

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Sundance Burke Website

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Flagstaff Satsang, JOY Right NOW - Sedona Satsang - Katie Davis, Sundance Burke

Registration for Katie Davis and Sundance Burke Flagstaff Satsang and Flagstaff Satsang Intensive is now open.

First, they will be speaking at the Flagstaff Religious Science Church at the Sunday morning services at 10:00 am on January 27 with music by Tom and Shondra and no registration is required. There is an optional love offering to the Church.

Then, on Friday, February 1, they begin a two day Flagstaff Satsang and Satsang Intensive entitled JOY Right NOW. Satsang will be Friday evening with a satsang intensive on Saturday, February 2. You may register for a single event or for a special two day pass or donate at the door.

Those attending the Sedona Satsang at the Sedona Creative Life Center on January 26 also have the option of registering for a two day pass that includes Satsang in Sedona as well as the Saturday JOY Right NOW Flagstaff Satsang Intensive at the Flagstaff Religious Science Church on Saturday, February 2.

Our sponsor for all of our events in Arizona is Richard Sink of Video Satsang, who regularly offers video satsang with Gangaji and Eckhart Tolle at the Spiritual Life Center in Flagstaff.

To register for Flagstaff Satsang and Satsang Intensive, please go to Flagstaff Religious Science Church.

To register for Satsang in Sedona, go to the Katie Davis Schedule and Registration. You may also donate for all of the satsang at the door.

For more information about the Arizona Satsang Schedule or to view Sundance and Katie's Schedule for 2008, go the Sundance and Katie Satsang Schedule.

Katie Davis Satsang Schedule:

Katie Davis Website

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What is Satsang or Advaita Satsang? by Katie Davis

Satsang is more than a public meeting where a teacher sits before students and the intellectual topic of discussion is consciousness, presence, being now, Truth, Self-realization and enlightenment, while using concepts, ideas and beliefs. In Satsang, "sat" means "truth" and "sang" means "community." The term "satsang" means "in association with Truth."

In English, we do not really have an equivalent translation. In fact, the most popular translation, "in association with Truth," is slightly off point. While the difference may seem subtle to the mind, it is problematic for Self-discovery. If you are attending satsang and believe that you are "in association" with Truth, then you can be who you really are. The translation is dual in nature and Self-realization is Non-duality; there are not two. If your perception is that you are sitting with "the Awakened," you are looking at the teacher as something other than you are. This is a false idea. True satsang is a confirmation that you are indeed all that you are seeking.

In satsang, there is a palpable "new" frequency of being, a radiant being, and an inexplicable silent stillness that is alive. If words are spoken, which is not required, the words arise from the stillness as living words. The vibration of quietude is on top of, behind and through every word. The teacher is not "doing" or "transmitting" anything. Instead, the teacher is like an open window with a breeze blowing through, a breeze with no separation or movement. When the mind is quiet, it is called Presence and this Presence is very contagious by Itself. Everyone who comes in contact with it is affected, whether they are conscious of it or not.

There is no positionality whatsoever between you and the teacher. In fact, the teacher is recognized to be none other than one's true Self. It is directly experienced that you are not separate and that you are already aware and whole. There is absolutely no need to heal a perceived broken past, since in the Now, you are already radiant and complete. There is no need to fixate on any aspect of the future, in search for an obscure happiness through more becoming, since as Now, supreme happiness is. You are the Now and it is realized that this is the only eternal moment in which true life IS.

In satsang, Love burns everything into Itself. Like the alchemy of transforming base metal into gold, there is a natural transmutation of pain and suffering into Love. With 100% willingness, there is the destruction of everything false and enduring fulfillment outpours.

Papaji, one of the world's greatest sages, shared that there are certain requirements for the student who attends satsang. First, there must be an ability to discern what is real and what is unreal. Second, it must be recognized that Truth is beyond the senses. In addition, there must be a willingness to be timelessly present (as you truly are), releasing all concepts of the past and future. Finally, there must be intense yearning and the desire for freedom above all else.

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Friends of the Heart December 2007 by Katie Davis, Sundance Burke

You are invited to my website to enjoy our latest issue of Friends of the Heart.

This month's issue includes an article, based on a conversation that with someone on this Awake by Katie Davis Blog, entitled "Over Thinking ~ The Primary Addiction" by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy.

This issue includes an article by Sundance Burke, author of "Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlighened Being," entitled "Fearless Loving."

The Friends of the Heart December Issue includes information on our events offering Satsang and Satsang Intensives in Plano and Dallas, Texas, Sedona and Flagstaff, Arizona, Boulder, Colorado, Richmond Hill and Toronto, Ontario and Chicago, Illinois. Registration information is also available.

In addition, this issue of Friends of the Heart also includes information about our organizers in these cities and the programs that they are offering locally such as Jordan Shafer of CompassionWorks, Richard Sink of Video Satsang, Richard Lazarra of Shankar Gallery, Bharangi of The Rising Sun, Paul Evans of Toronto Non-duality and Charlie and Maggie Wilkins of One Heart Teachings.

Finally, you may enjoy information about my new e-book, "Heart of Life" that contains articles that have been published in magazines, newspapers and websites in the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

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Friends of the Heart

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Life's Movie is Past Drama by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy - Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie Davis

When we begin awakening, we realize that we have spent a lifetime dreaming. The world of form appears similar to a movie and we begin realizing that the movie is being projected by the inner dialogue that we are maintaining.

The former tendency was to move into the story of me ... the movie ... and try to fix it within the dream. Upon awakening, we realize that the movie already is and it is virtually useless to try to fix it.

However, we can realize the source of the movie projection is beyond all the mental attitudes, beliefs, concepts and experiences that we have conditioned from the past. The inner tapes keep compulsively running and it goes on and on and on. These internal tapes seem to be creating what you perceive to be your personal reality.

In other words, if you want to become more aware of the unconscious beliefs that are obscuring your true freedom ... just watch the movie. It is constantly revealing to you what is requesting release.

At some time, we also awaken to the fact that the separate sense of self is also part of the daytime dream. Instead of being identified with the dreaming 'I' and its internal dialogue, we detach from that individual self.

In this detachment, dreaming "I" disappears along with all of its problems and conflicts that has been projecting as a personal reality.

There is something deeper here, something ineffable and sacred. Who is aware of this movie named the dream of ordinary life? Who is aware of all the inner tapes (our past conditioning) that keeps repeating in our heads? Who is aware of "Katie?" Who is aware of the body and its functioning?

It is the Pure Awareness that you are and it is the sacred dimension of the Still Heart that is silently waiting to energetically emerge into your life story and into the world.

So we leave the story alone for awhile and even leave "Katie" alone. We surrender "me and my story."

Since we are willing to surrender the idea of "Katie," the one carrying the conditionings, we become aware of awareness. We have watched the movie long enough.

Perhaps we have realized that "Katie" is also part of the movie. Maybe we have realized that the movie projector is the individual sense of self. However, are we aware of the screen upon which this movie is playing?

Self-realization is finally stopping all strategies of escape and all ideas of salvation. Through silent and still watching and resting as still being, we are able to be aware when the conditionings start appearing in the movie. We don't resist them, we simply rest and watch. We consciously realign with the sense of being within and a natural transmutation of all that is false is 'burned' into the unconditional love that you are right now.

We have learned to have one 'eye' outward for daily living and one 'eye' inward as the Still Heart. In this pure attention, we are then able to keep our inner space open, unprotected and free. We become aware when the movie has a negative impact on our inner space. When the energy of contraction (negativity) starts creeping in and invading our inner space, we become aware of it and just let go. We don't start telling ourselves, "there I go again, when will I ever get it, I can see that I am contracted and negative." No, you simply stop.

Be aware of your breathing and relax the body and we regain the peace that is always here whether we are conscious of it or not.We simply stop and then once again maintain the clarity of our inner space through attention.

Release the past. It is not here. When your conditioning appears in the present, this is the past that only appears to live on in you. The truth is that you are free and timelessly here right now. Virtually nothing can touch the joy that you are.

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