Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"A Conversation on Non Duality" by Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"

"A Conversation on Non Duality": Katie Davis, "Awake Joy"
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From the newly published book entitled "Conversations on Non-duality": Twenty-Six Awakenings (edited by Eleanora Gilbert and published by Cherry Red Books), this is another new release by Conscious TV with Katie Davis, author of the book "Awake Joy", who is interviewed by Renate McNay of Conscious TV in an MP3 downloadable format.

IN THIS HIGHLY ENERGETIC INTERVIEW, you deeply sense the blissful stillness that is the signature of spiritual realization. As the interviewer inquires into the wonderment of our true nature, you may also be consciously graced by the palpable frequency of the silence.

Katie Davis shares the mystery of her awakening and then follows with pointers to Self-inquiry, the delusion of the separate sense of self, you are already That which you seek and understanding that Self-realization is a true and immediate possibility for you right now.

KATIE DAVIS, author, Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment, is a graduate of the University of Washington. In 1986, she encountered a spontaneous and radical awakening, without practices or teachers.

Since 1999, she has been traveling worldwide to share the ever-present possibility of Self-realization that is the end of all suffering. Katie offers satsang, intentives, silent retreats, private consultations and is a Keynote Presenter for organizations and conferences.  

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"Awake Joy": The Essence of Enlightenment, Book by Katie Davis
New Release by Cherry Red Books "Conversations on Non-duality": Twenty-Six Awakenings

"A Conversation on Non Duality" with Sundance Burke, "An Interview with Sundance Burke", Author "Free Spirit"

"A Conversation on Non-Duality with Sundance Burke"
"An Interview with Sundance Burke"
Author, "Free Spirit"

From the newly released book by Cherry Red Books "Conversations on Non-duality: Twenty-six Awakenings," edited by Eleonara Gilbert, this is another new release by Conscious TV with Sundance Burke, author of the book Free Spirit, who is interviewed by Iain McNay of Conscious TV in an MP3 downloadable format.

IN THE FOLLOWING INTERVIEW with Iain McNay, Sundance paradoxically shares the personal story of how he realized his formless Spirit, the essence of his and all being. Just the fact of being given the birth-name, Donald the Third, seemed to catalyze his lifelong quest for Self-realization. Graced by a chance encounter with an enlightened stranger, a multitude of synchronistic events, his own out of body experiences and fears of an early death, Sundance came face to face with life’s most profound questions: who or what am I and why am I here? As it turned out, this kind of adventure appealed to Sundance’s innate curiosity more than anything else, so at the age of 32 his life-path was inexorably altered. After many years of seeking, Sundance’s inner quest culminated. Without apparent reason, the seeking just stopped and never returned, revealing the conscious calm-joy that we truly are.

SUNDANCE BURKE, Spiritual Teacher and Author, was born in Seattle, Washington under the given name, Donald Russell Burke III. He is a graduate of the University of Washington and the Gonzaga School of Law. Sundance is a former practicing lawyer and businessman. He is the father of two children and the grandfather of three more.

Sundance Burke is the author of Free Spirit, A Guide to Enlightened Being, published in 2008. He offers public talks, video recordings, private meetings, intensive workshops and retreats for those who long to awaken to their true nature.

While traveling for law business in 1982, Sundance was graced with the profound spiritual experience of being the loving witness to the mind’s dream of personal existence. This awareness of impersonal being completely shattered his former understanding of self-identity and the nature of the world. In the years that followed, he found himself undertaking an intense inward journey into the heart of this realization.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friends of the Heart May Issue by Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"

The Friends of the Heart May Newsletter by Katie Davis, author of "Awake Joy" has now been published for viewing on the Katie Davis website with articles on Non-duality, spiritual awakening, enlightenment and Self-realization.

In This Issue:

"We Have Relocated"

"The Goat, the Meditator and the Sky of the Dormant Mind" by Katie Davis

"Conversations on Non-duality: Twenty-Six Awakenings"

"A Conversation on Non Duality" with Katie Davis MP3 Download

"A Conversation on Non Duality" with Sundance Burke MP3 Download

Katie Davis
Sundance Burke

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Conversations on Non-duality"

Conversations on Non-duality: Twenty-six Awakenings

A New Book Release by Cherry Red Books: Conversations on Non-duality

A fascinating compilation of the life stories of perfectly ordinary people and the different paths they've taken on their spiritual journey searching for oneness, completeness, and unity.
From a rich variety of backgrounds, the people profiled here have been through extraordinary experiences leading to amazing new perceptions. They all shared a common sense of dissatisfaction with their lives and a longing for happiness, connection, health, love, fulfilling relationships and freedom. As they reveal the means by which they each went about achieving an end to their suffering—from therapy to study with gurus, their stories range from funny to moving and tragic to inspiring, but there is a common element in their engagement with nonduality.
In simple terms, nonduality means no separation—although it appears that there are separate individuals and objects in our world, in reality there is only oneness. It is this realization that has transformed the lives of these 26 ordinary men and women from many cultures and from a wide range of social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Here they share their insights and wisdom.
Includes interviews with David Bingham, Daniel Brown, Sundance Burke, Katie Davis, Peter Fenner, Steve Ford, Jeff Foster, Suzanne Foxton, Gangaji, Richard Lang, Roger Linden, Wayne Liquorman, Francis Lucille, Mooji, Catherine Noyce, Jac O'Keeffe, Tony Parsons, Bernie Prior, Halina Pytlasinska, Genpo Roshi, Florian Schlosser, Mandi Solk, Rupert Spira, James Swartz, Richard Sylvester and Pamela Wilson.
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Now Available in the United Kingdom at Amazon U.K.
"A Conversation on Non Duality" with Katie Davis entitled "Awake Joy" is also available at Amazon and iTunes in MP3 Downloads.