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Does a Moonbeam Have Free Will? by Katie Davis, Author of "Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment"

In spiritual circles, when the interpreting mind of the ego begins to debate, the question sometimes arises whether the human being has free will or if in fact, humans are governed by determinism.

Today, I would like to share with you why both concepts are simply nonsensical and share with you why neither apply. The question only entertains the interest of the separate sense of self that still believes in the limitation of "I am the body" idea that thinks that it is traveling within space and time. Whereas in truth, there is no such differentiation and separation. There is no separated "some-body" to which free will or determinism could apply. The true Self that you genuinely are is completely beyond both space and time.

Perhaps an analogy serves best:

In the photo directly above this blog post, the full moon is setting over the ocean. As the moon nears the horizon, it begins sparkling separate moonbeams across the water. To wonder whether one of those moonbeams has free will or not ... so that it can wander off by itself to some other waters ... just is not a true possibility.

Likewise, to then jump to the conclusion that since the moonbeam does not have free will that it is then governed by determinism and can only move according to its separate, individual destiny would also be a delusion.

Discussion of separate, independent moonbeams would be in total ignorance of the presence of the full moon. The moonbeams only appear to be individuated, but they clearly are not. In fact, their appearances are solely due to the full moon and absolutely inseparable from it. Their existence depends upon it.

In other words, the moonbeams are only reflections upon the water and have no true independent reality. If the ripples on the water were absolutely still, we would in fact have a perfect reflection of a single, full moon ... yet, we would not call the full reflection the real full moon. Only the moon itself is real.

With movement of the rippling water, the reflection becomes diversified and we have dozens of sparkling lights. Whether a single reflection or diversified reflections, both are unreal and refer only to the true full moon.

It is exactly the same with your true identity ... the full moon being the true Self, the water being consciousness, the reflection being either the illuminated, still mind of the apparent realized sage or the sparkling diversified moonbeams that represent the divided mind and its apparent individuality.

The mind is only a mirror. Everything that appears in the mirror is only a reflection that we call the world of form and experience. The divided mind of ego is one of those reflections and it has the false idea that it is separate, independent and it maintains the delusion of space and time with its universal laws. This is in ignorance of Self (full moon).

On the "inward" journey of awakening, we dismiss the reflection (form and experience) as "I am not that;" an important and true realization. However, upon Self-realization with its integration and full embodiment of the Totality, the reflection is realized as the tremendous power of true Self. Self and its power are virtually inseparable; there is only the Self.

With the mind turned outward before the awakening, we have the egoic mind wearing its dark sunglasses of perception due to its original idea of separation. Therefore, it suffers and perceives a suffering world. The suffering is not in the world. The ego is perceiving in the mirror its own pain gap between the magnificent, infinite Heart that it genuinely is and the figment of imagination of being only a fraction of the Totality. Since the ego only knows separation, it can only perceive separation. Its mantra is "me" vs. "you" vs. "God."

Through awakening, when the mind is turned inward through Self-inquiry, the divided mind dissolves into the Divine Self and is illuminated. In this illumination, it provides a perfect still mirror ... a perfect reflection of Self that is the apparent, Self-realized sage.

Whether apparent sage or the ego "I" thought of individuality ... it is only a reflection of true Self (in our analogy, the true and real full moon). There is no sage (perfect reflection) or individual (diversified reflection) that is anything more than a reflection. Yet in this realization, what a profound, infinite and all powerful discovery! You are the unfathomable, omniscient, omnipresent Self!

The purpose of this writing is to cut to the chase ... to point to every reader, here and now, to their full potentiality ... not years from now, but virtually this instant.

There are many universal reference points, through which every human being will pass to Self-realization. Your job is to look directly within to determine which reference point you are currently looking from.

When you become aware of the reference point, I can clearly demonstrate that you are already beyond it and then you need to look again where I am pointing. Knowledge has no value whatsoever, unless you are willing to look directly within you to determine fact and realize the Truth.

When you are permanently free of the delusion of ALL reference points (truthfully, you are already), that is Self-realization ... followed by integration, full embodiment of the Totality and finally awake living, where you may be asked to help "pass the flame," so to speak.

With full embodiment of the Totality:

There is ONLY SELF.

Divine Self (formless perfection) and Divine Self-Power (appearance of the universe)

So the Self has no other to "will" upon ...

The Self has no other to "determine" upon ...

The Self is not a "doer" unto others ...

There is only Divine Self and its reflective power.

As the delusion of the time and space traveler, "you" will live that shadow dream and "you" are subject to the law of cause and effect, the law of karma, the law of impermanence ... and it is all a dream of the divided mind without any true reality.

Unconditional Love allows that dream for eons. I am just here to sound an alarm ... it is time to wake up and be who you are. There is no bondage ... you are Freedom itself.

The individual self is nothing more than a delusional bubble on the surface of the ocean, crying for water, trying to mindfully figure itself out with the wrong tool. Let the bubble burst ... it inevitably will anyway ... all bubbles do. You are the Ocean no matter what you pretend to be.

At this point, the ego may complain and persist, "No, that is too much to lose!"


I can only reply, that in the end, not one thing is lost, other than fear and its suffering separation. The beautiful body with its given name is still here with all of its beautiful in born talents and unique expressions, just no longer plagued with desires, lack and limitation.

"My body" is now the appearance of the entire Universe ... OM, the rotating planets, the life forces, the tides, infinite creativity, abundance, unconditional and euphoric love, the joy of being, ecstatic bliss, true intelligence, and among those appearances (reflections), the body named Katie.

This is the true and immediate opportunity of the New Dawn that is already here. If you have been on the path for 25 years, I urge its completion. If you are beginning to awaken, the 25 years are no longer required and perhaps never were. I could say that this urgency is a call for the salvation of humanity and yet to the novice this could instill a fear that will prove counter productive.

When you notice the world's structures falling apart such as they are now in today's world situation, please face the unreality of the fear. Be the unwavering, underlying Truth, instead of adding power to the delusion of the collective negativity.

If the cocoon of the butterfly never fell away, it could never fly to freedom. What appears to be destruction is simultaneously the miracle of birthing.

The falling away has within it the full, unlimited potentiality, whether presently perceived as the "individual ego" with the personal story falling apart or perceived as the "collective ego" such as financial world institutions or other collective structures. Today's true invitation is to be the immediate and living answer.

It will be realized in the end that there is no individual or collective ego. While in the beginning, it may seem like "your" awakening, there is only the greater awakening.

The profound miracle is that Pure Consciousness itself is no longer getting lost in form. It is "burning" and permanently dissolving its altered states of consciousness. As it clears, so does the reflection. We see what genuinely is and always has been.

Don't get me wrong, you are welcome to continue the mindful debate of free will vs. determinism for your "moonbeam" nature or otherwise play with the adolescent idea of creating the desires of what you think is your personal reality. Meanwhile, the question is, will humanity make it? There are no guarantees. Even this is realized as not problematic, since there is no such thing as loss as Pure Consciousness.

You also have the immediate opportunity to realize that you are in fact the true "full moon" ... the very Heart of the Universal Being; the Self-illuminating and Self-effulgent Light whose Self-power is every Reflection.

KATIE DAVIS awakened radically and spontaneously in 1986 and since 1999 has been sharing the message of conscious freedom and causeless joy. She is author of "Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment."

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sometimes, It Rains Roses ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

February 14, 2009 ~ Valentine's Day in Aloha Time
The Universal Dawn of the Age of Aquarius

Sometimes, It Rains Roses

The day has intimately surrendered to the quietude of the night.

The land of Aloha is sleeping,

As islanders await the fulfillment of a promise;

The New Dawn vowed by Maui, the Sun God.

The scent of red roses permeates the stillness;

Bouquets symbolize this extraordinary Love.

A tropical breeze gently rustles the palms

And as the cheek touches the coolness of pillow,

A knowing smile curves the lips,

In gratitude for this serenity and deep peace.

Body consciousness dissolves,

Ever falling upon itself as pure consciousness.

The body is in dreamless sleep,

When blessed by the Rapture of the Infinite.

A magnificent outpouring of ecstatic Bliss

Eloquently summons a glimmer of body consciousness.

Invoked awake by Love,

The body rests in full attention to embrace its final Lover,

In its "I only have eyes for You" kind of way.

A flicker of a dream in slow motion ...

Pink rose petals begin raining from the Sky.

As they sprinkle upon my pillow and timelessly drift upon my sheets,

Each velvet petal softly kisses the cheek, then neck and shoulders.

Awake in Love's Mystical Garden ...

There is no Love greater than This ...

The lips audibly whisper, "This is so beautiful!"

A Love that demands a new definition for its splendor, tenderness and adoration.

We simply have no words to amply convey the magnitude of this Magnificence:

Perhaps, "A sheltered cocoon of ecstatic Love and euphoric Bliss ... that is the nest of profound Sacredness."

Well, I suppose that is near ... yet not close ... never enough ...

It defies every poet and writer's attempt to express.

Yet, Radiant Love begs, even hopelessly impels, its expression.

Not of this world, it coyly waits for each direct, virginal encounter.

Joyful tears trickle down the cheeks in awe, wonder and silent gratitude.

The lips continue to murmur ...

"So beautiful..."

"So unbelievably beautiful..."

Hushed into a deafening Quietude, Love's passion cradles the Universe;

An ultra conscious embrace ... as the Heart of all being.

A timeless marriage of the Infinite and mega Body Consciousness, without world.

Then, within Love's Garden of Splendor,

Barely audible, as though from some distant dimension,

A worldly siren stirs the physical senses awake

And with the senses, the reappearance of the Universe.

It is mid-morning in Aloha Land.

So they say in a song that has now been sung for forty years,

Today is the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

At last, each planet is in its cabalistic and perfect alignment.

On island, it seems like any other day in Paradise,

Even so, we wisely know now that we never step into the same river twice,

No matter how mundane and ordinary the day may seem.

We live the Aloha, while the keikis play in "The Maui Sun."

Nonetheless, the cosmic secret is that you are this Radiant Love,

Eternally Kissed as Bliss,

The very Heart of the Universal Being,

And already realized as The Infinite Way.

KATIE DAVIS is author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment. In 1986, she was stunned awake without practices or teachers. Since 1999, she has been sharing the message of the conscious freedom and causeless joy that is offered through spiritual awakening, enlightenment and Self-realization.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Mystical Sky by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Can you sense the Changeless as the white clouds drift across the pale blue sky?

This morning, do you hear the inaudible Silence of the red-breasted cardinal, while its song is outpouring?

Are you aware of the unfathomable Perfection of the brilliant colors of the rainbow?

Is not the Infinity of space truly awe-inspiring as the stars twinkle in the midnight sky?

Do you feel the Harmony within as the sun sets over the Pacific or the Mystery of the full moon over Lanai?

Are you distinguishing the Stillness, when a blue-tipped butterfly suspends in imperceptible space?

Well, close your eyes for a moment. Yes, there are many thoughts and corresponding feelings.

Do you notice that they are all either about or in relationship with “you?”

Have you discovered yet the blissful joy beneath happy and sad, when you stop talking story?

Now, just rest as “I am” and stop at that … nothing more.

Still with eyes closed, back away a little. Are you missing the space around “I,” the sublime sky of being?

Are you able to discern that this sky is still within the field of experience?

Are you any less, if you resonate solely as “AM,” ... this beautiful feeling of connectivity?

Evermore subtly, perhaps still unconscious, does any reference point remain?

Not a personal reference point of course, but any?

Is there anything deeper than even the slightest movement … or stillness … of inner experience?

Who perceives it?

Upon Self-discovery, open your eyes.

Let it all settle in, so to speak.

Can you be in this world, while not being of it?

Is there any difference between That which is "within" and That which is "manifesting" everywhere?

Are you fully integrated and embodied as the non-dual Heart?

As True Sky, are you now experiencing the sky, the cardinal, the starlit night, the rainbow, the sunset and the moon as the purest joy of True You?

Katie Davis www.KatieDavis.org
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Body Pain and Fatigue: Where is the Awake Joy? ~ Katie Davis


How do you approach these teachings, when facing difficulties with your physical body; to ask who is this "I" or body that is suffering or not feeling well? There is a moment that is just the acceptance of what is and yet how to be joyful when there is not the energy and the physical wellness?


The Self-inquiry question ... just one question, "who am I?" lifts the veil of ego and joy is able to shine through. The joy is forever present. Joy is only covered up by “me and my story.” When the false “I” surrenders through Self-inquiry, the ego’s storyline goes along with it.

Relative happiness and its opposite … relative sadness ... merge together. The dualities dissolve and unending joy emerges. It is not something we become. Joy is who you are … totally beyond the body and “me and my story.” We just uncover it like taking blankets off the bed to find crisp, cool white sheets underneath. The body will be fine once we take off all the heavy armor of ego.

False “I” will never become joyful. YOU ARE joy, so no energy is required. Just like the eyeball cannot see itself. Without false “I” … JOY is the revelation.

Perhaps the body is merely asking you to stop, be still, realize the joy you already are.

I feel compassion for the body situation that you are sharing. For some, the body goes through quite a transformation process as well during the awakening. Some have body aches and pains, pretty wild energy shifts that may cause a little dizziness or disorientation. Others have interruptions and difficulty sleeping. Fatigue is really common. Some have anxiety and a sense that something is missing, but they can’t quite put their finger on it. The list goes on. That said, others have no issues at all with the physical. As soon as I say that this will all likely resolve … I am sure the mind will ask “when?!” No answer …

There are many body modalities. Energetically sensing your message, I am going to guess that you have tried just about everything as well as all the testing, diets, supplements, etc. without resolution. I am not a doctor or psychologist. I have supported many through the awakening for many years now.

Just as you say, when the physical is not feeling well, it is a huge distraction. That could in fact be why the mind dreams it all up in the first place! The body is more than a product of our nutrition and the way that we care for it. It is also a product of our thinking. Those negative thoughts (whether spoken or silent) cause our body to contract … we call that contraction negative emotion. So emotions also have an impact on form. The body is also effected by the mental images that it sees (example TV among many others) and our mental imaginations. The body senses it all as real. We also have the collective consciousness (“other” people) and when we begin awakening, if we are sensitive, our body feels the impact of those as well.

The physical also carries the pain of the past … a pain that will also be resolved. As we become more and more present, the form starts becoming somewhat transparent, which makes us aware of stored pain (denseness) which was there, but we were not conscious of it.

Some Pointers:

1. If you require medical attention, do so. If meds are prescribed, surrender to that since it is only short term. We all have our attitudes about meds, but just let it be temporarily (only a suggestion). Or whatever the naturopath suggests or whoever.

2. Do not accept a single diagnosis. Don’t label it. This crystallizes a false concept. “This is what is wrong with me.” Do what they suggest, but don’t believe it.

3. Don’t make a sense of self out of the pain and fatigue. “I am too tired, I can’t, I want, I need.” Etc.

4. Just as we allow the life situation to be as it is, tenderly allow and love the body to be as it is. Resistance is exhausting and pain producing. Is it possible to allow space around the situation? When we resist pain, we contract tightly around it. It is already dense and tight (fear), so allow space around the pain, while allowing it to relax. The power of ALLOWING is huge and is a natural transformer of anything negative into perfect love.

5. Is there an inside to the pain? Can you get underneath it to the free stillness? Really get to know and rest inside it. Breathing … being still and deeper.

6. With your eyes closed right now, may I draw your attention to your breathing? Just relax and feel how delicate the air feels as it moves in and out your nose. Relax a little more … can you let go even more? Still aware of your breathing? With your eyes closed, can you tell where the boundary of the body ends and where the space around the body begins? You can feel the chair you are sitting on, but where the body isn’t touching anything, can you sense the boundary of the body?

Now, still with eyes closed, I would like you to allow the body to expand … bigger than your house … big long inhale and exhale … let it expand larger than the tallest building. Rest in that lightness… total expansion.

7. When you shop for food, let’s go leisurely without any preconceived ideas about the menu. Go without the slightest idea of what the mind wants you to get. Walk through the fruits and vegetables NOT KNOWING … being nobody … see what the hand naturally reaches out for. Honestly look freshly like you have never seen ANY of it before. Let the body pick instead of the mind. Ice cream? A piece of chocolate? Well, you can see that I am not a nutritionist. Without any of the mind’s rules, what does the body reach out for?

8. Yes, tired, but never mind, slowly prepare your food with great love and attention … each movement like Zen. Fresh flower each week, sit down without music or tv … love and chew and chew and chew to taste each tiny bite.

9. Water … lots and lots of water.

10. Include breathing as part of your meal.

The ego does NOT want to let go. That psychological self will hang on with all its mite to the “I am the body” idea. The ego is scared … offer it compassion with a smile … much like a child … it is all ok. It is afraid that it does not exist … the good news is that it does not. If you are AWARE of the body, you cannot be the body. Who is that who is aware?

Don’t get me wrong, without the ego and all its negativity and fear, the body is extraordinary! There is NOTHING wrong with the form. The ‘problem’ is the misidentification with the false “I” and its pain. Who is “I?” “who am I?” “Who is aware of the body?” I am. “Who am I?”

OK, so we see that pain can be a distraction. That pain is holding on and anchoring you to the body limitation in fear of letting go. One day, you will have a good laugh about this, once you release and see what genuinely is!

However, this pain and fatigue can also be your very best teacher. It is with you all day long. You have been trying and making every effort (resistance) to fix it. That is exhausting all on its own. Is there the possibility to say, “I see you are never going to change, body. You are going to be this way the rest of your life. I at last completely accept that.” This is a very big challenge for the ego. Oh, oh, she is going to let go anyway! We sometimes think that if we were to accept it that somehow some supernatural power will make it forever so. Well … it is right now. It IS. There is only THIS moment.

Perhaps it has had your undivided attention too long. Let’s just leave it that way.

Really try this question on right here directly. Could you tell me, does that which is AWARE of the pain have any issue with the pain? Check it out.

You are that Awareness … not the “I” that is the body. Be the Awareness. The body does not require the ego who pretends to control everything. Rest as Awareness, when you get lost in time now and then and misidentify with the false “I” again, ask your Self-inquiry question again and you are back to being Awareness ... the one who has no issue with anything ... who unconditionally loves, accepts and is grateful for ALL THAT IS.

Then, the body is free. Let go or don’t let go … just wait and see …

"When will it let go?" Future fixation of the mind. Only the mind could ask. If I were to answer, I would probably say as soon as “you” don’t care any more.

In closing, another reason that pain is your friend is that when it is severe, it is impossible to be anywhere else than the present moment. “I am grateful that I am consciously being now.”

More pointers:

1. Journal: Nothing about “me and my story.” Find a new place to sit each time. Nature would be great, but it is probably pretty cold in most places now. Write only about the body’s senses and breathing. What do you see? How does seeing feel? How does your nose feel when you breathe. How does that fresh flower that you get each week smell? How do the petals feel? Are you grateful?

2. Journal: Find one place on the body that is pain free. Write about it. How does the cool pillow feel on your cheek? Are you grateful? Any other place pain free?

3. Paint, watercolor, crayons, chalk, pencil sketch. What color? How does the color feel? How smooth does the paint feel as it flows onto paper? Content does not matter. No storytelling.

4. Self-inquiry

5. Stand in the middle of the room, let the body sway, gentle bend, rotate your neck … let the body freely lead without the mind.

This is not a to do list with yet more things to try to fit into the schedule. Be creative … be the Awareness that is lovingly listening to the sweet body.

I hope some of this helps. I am in your Heart and you have all the support one could ask for. Surrender "I" just for this moment.

Katie Davis Website www.KatieDavis.org