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Part II of VI: Free Videos ~ Katie Davis: Awakening, Spirituality, Meditation, Enlightenment, Nonduality, Advaita, Self-realization

Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment is interviewed by Jordan Shafer of CompassionWorks in Dallas before the Dallas Satsang and the Plano Satsang Intensive. Katie Davis is sharing on awakening, spirituality, meditation, enlightenment, the nature of consciousness, the Heart of Advaita, Nonduality, Self-realization.

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Katie Davis Website:

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Katie Davis, Sundance Burke Satsang Tour 2008 ~ Awake Joy and Free Spirit ~ April 4-May 18 in Colorado, Ontario, Illinois, Washington, British Columbia, Arizona

Colorado Satsang in Boulder, Ridgway, Telluride
Ontario Satsang in Toronto
Chicago Satsang and Never Not Here Show
Washington Satsang, Pacific Northwest Satsang in Seattle
British Columbia Satsang, BC Satsang in Vancouver BC
Arizona Satsang in Scottsdale, Tempe, Flagstaff and Sedona

Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being by Sundance Burke - Katie Davis Blog

Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being by Sundance Burke
Endorsement by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Supremely Practical and Awake

Free Spirit by Sundance Burke is a supremely practical guide to awakening from the dominion of the ego to discover the conscious freedom of the Heart. He communicates with absolute clarity and sometimes with a touch of humor which make this book a pleasure to read. The most profound gift is that it is written as realized Presence, so that you may be blessed by the Frequency. ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Sundance Burke Website:

Katie Davis Website:

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle - Katie Davis Blog

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle
Book Review by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment

Powerful Clarity and Pragmatic Wisdom

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual classic, bestseller and translated into over 30 languages. It was awarded a member of Oprah's Book Club. Eckhart's newer book, A New Earth, is presently the newest addition to the Oprah Book Club. Oprah and Eckhart are currently offering a ten week online class that is accessible for free registration at Oprah's website. The first class was enjoyed by 700,000 people worldwide, from 139 countries and represented by all fifty states in the U.S.

Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany and graduated from the University of London. He became a research scholar and supervisor at Cambridge University. At 29 years old, he experienced a profound spiritual transformation that dissolved his identity as he had previously known it. This began an intense inward journey that radically changed the course of his life. He now teaches worldwide and lives in Vancouver, BC. He is not aligned with any particular religion and yet his message does not exclude any doctrine or dogma. He is communicating that there is a simple and pragmatic way out of suffering into enduring peace.

Power of Now is a guide to breaking free of the ego, the mind-made self, with all of its problems and conflicts. Eckhart Tolle finely dissects the ego's characteristics so that we become more conscious of how it operates. Who we are is beyond thought, emotion and form. Yet our body is the portal through which we enter a new reality to realize harmony, peace and joy. He encourages us to become more aware of the silence and space all around us and then points to inner space and stillness. Through becoming more conscious, we find that we can be free of psychological pain and open to our authentic power.

Power of Now is divided into 10 chapters with 191 pages. The Preface is written by Marc Allen, New World Library and the Foreword is by Russell Dicarlo, author of Towards a New World View. In the Introduction, Eckhart shares the origin of the book and that the truth of who we really are lies within us.

Chapter One is a study of the mind; the greatest obstacle to enlightenment. Through still attention, we can discover that we are not what we are thinking. He defines enlightenment as rising above thought and that emotion is the body's reaction to our thinking.

Chapter Two begins leading us out of psychological pain by pointing to consciousness. He offers keys to unlock accumulated pain of the past and introduces us to the collective pain body that is suffering and constantly trying to feed on more pain. Since the mind-made self believes that its identity lies within its individuality, it is on constant search to complete itself through people, things and circumstances. He shares that ego's entire search for happiness is really a search for wholeness.

In Chapter Three, we move deeply into the Now, the dimension that is free of time and demonstrates that nothing truly exists outside this present moment. He offers the key to the spiritual dimension and how to access the Power of Now. All suffering has its root in psychological time. Eckhart Tolle masterfully guides us in a clear and pragmatic manner into the joy of being.

Chapter Four offers the mind strategies for avoiding the now and that it is delusion to think that we can ever be apart from it. He discusses the manner in which we dissolve unhappiness and ordinary unconsciousness to discover the inner purpose of our life's journey.

In Chapter Five, Eckhart Tolle leads us to the state of presence and to realize pure consciousness; our divine Reality. Chapter Six is a journey into the inner body, where we find an invisible and indestructible reality that is beyond our thinking. He shares how we can also physiological benefit by being present; such as slowing the aging process and strenthening the immume system.

In Chapter Seven, Eckhart Tolle offers portals through which we may discover the inner unmanifest that is deep within our bodies such as dreamless sleep, silence, and space. Eckhart shifts to Enlightened Relationships in Chapter Eight and we begin to rise above relationships that cycle between relative love and hate. Our relationships and indeed our intimate partners are excellent teachers and a perfect spiritual practice to learn how to live in a deeper state of presence. He encourages you to give up the relationship with yourself, the false sense of self that is the ego.

In Chapter Nine, we discover that beyond the duality and cycling between happiness and unhappiness, there is peace. We notice the impermanence of the cycling, end the emotional drama, discover true compassion and move toward a new order of Reality. The final Chapter Ten presents the meaning of surrender so that we are able to live in acceptance of this moment just as it is. We shift from mind energy to spiritual energy, while we transform suffering into peace.

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment

Katie Davis Website:

"I Am That" by Nisargadatta - Awake by Katie Davis Blog

"I Am That" by Nisargadatta Book Review by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Essential Wisdom, Must Read, Extraordinary Sage

Nisargadatta informs the ego and the intellect of all that it is not and he couples this path of knowledge with a profound devotion that will stop your search for enlightenment to realize who you are here and now. You are what you are seeking and in seeking, you cannot be found. We rest in the joy of being, simply "I am." This instruction was offered to Nisargadatta by his teacher and with great love and respect for him, he followed his instruction and stopped all effort. In three years, he Self-realized.

"I am That" is divided into 101 chapters and is a compilation of direct dialogues that Nisargadatta had with his students. The translation of the book is natural and flows very nicely. It includes an occasional photograph of Nisargadatta that emulates the devotion that he was sensing at the moment.

"I am That" begins with an Introduction by Douwe Tiermersma on the Philosophical Faculty of Erasmus University in Holland. It is followed by a short Biography of Nisargadatta and a note from the translator about how the book was created as well as a short note from the editor.

The first appendix is Nisarga Yoga and shares the simple abode and life of Nisargadatta.

The second appendix is Navanath Sampradaya and offers a history and structure of sects in India.

The final appendix is a complete and quite helpful glossary of terms found in the book.

The dialogues begin with the sense of "I am" and brings attention to the here and now to live in the present moment. He masterfully moves us beyond the ego and its thinking to stand free of thought, so that we may witness them without identification. He immediately then points to the Awareness and Consciousness that is the perceiving.

Nisargadatta also frees us from identification with the body; we are not the person, but rather the Reality that is beyond. We see that the highest bliss is desirelessness and the answer is to turn our mind's attention inward by asking the question, "Who am I?"

He dynamically leads us to a profound detachment from form and to continue resting solely in "I am." The only time to realize freedom is Now and that Life can be the teacher, when we allow it to be as it is and notice that life is happening by itself.

He shifts us beyond the duality of a pleasure that cycles to pain to realize the Bliss of True Self. When we begin observing, we recognize all that we are not. We brush off the dust of the mind, its time and all of its false concepts and what remains is who we really are.

He points that insecurity is not in the life situation and that it is sourced within the dual mind. When we break free of thought and ever more subtle layers of the intellect, we discover the absolute security of the changeless.

Nisargadatta warns that when we follow the desires of the mind, they may be fulfilled, but discontentment will surely once again resurface and that by following desire, we are breeding more desire and that quest will prove to be endless. Beyond the mind, we are free of both fear and desire and therefore free of all suffering.

He consistently reminds his students that bondage is a delusion and the freedom of True Self already is within them. He urges to seek the very source of consciousness itself, the deepest root of collective suffering. If it is not eradicated, even after awakening, it will surface to be freed.

"I am" is the foundation of all experience and the doorway to discover ever present peace. Here, we shift beyond all space and time.

Sooner or later, you will be led to this spiritual classic in the maturity of your search for enlightenment. "I am That" will at last stop the search. I find this book an essential teaching, a must read, from an extraordinary sage.

I also recommend the other final teaching in the book and spiritual classic "Be as You Are" by Sri Ramana Maharshi that is edited by David Godman.

Free Spirit is a new book written by my husband and teaching partner, Sundance Burke, who awakened twenty-five years ago. ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Katie Davis Website:

Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie Davis:

Sundance Burke Website:

Be As You Are, Ramana Maharshi, Edited by David Godman - Katie Davis Blog

Katie Davis book review: Be As You Are, Ramana Maharshi

Essential Wisdom, Must Read, Extraordinary Sage

Be As You Are is a spiritual classic from one of the most revered sages of modern day India. First and foremost, the book carries the frequency of presence and will have its effect without even reading a single word.

As far as structure, David Godman has compiled Ramana's dialogues with his students with skill and clarity. I have the paperback edition which is 251 pages as well as an aged, original hardbound copy edition entitled "Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi" that was published by Sri Ramanasramam in Tiruvannamalai in South India.

As far as structure, "Be as You Are" begins with Acknowledgments followed by an Introduction that introduces Ramana, his life, awakening and Self-realization.

The book is divided into six parts followed by a quite helpful Glossary, Notes and References, a Bibliography and an excellent Index.

Ramana is pointing to a single, indivisible Supreme Reality that lies deep within every human being. In fact, we are experiencing this Reality right now, we just may not be consciously aware of it.

Ramana, with the help of David Godman, begins in Part One by presenting the nature of True Self and who the "teacher" really is.

Part Two leads to Self-inquiry as a means to discover our true identity. It clearly presents the theory, practice and any misconceptions that we might have.

In Part Three, we focus on the guru and what the 'teacher' is actually representing and point to the stillness and silence of sat-sanga; being in the presence of someone who has realized the Self.

Part Four is an instruction on meditation and yoga (scriptures), the use of mantras (sacred words) and japa (repetition of the name of God) as well as life in the world.

Part Five is an important chapter for those awakening, since it is so easy to be trapped by spiritual experience, such as visions and psychic powers.

Finally in Part Six, creation theories are discussed and the reality of the world is revealed. He touches on the subject of reincarnation, the nature of God, suffering and morality, and ends with a discussion on karma, destiny and free will.

Sooner or later, you will be led to this profound spiritual classic, the extraordinary wisdom of Ramana Maharshi and realize the deepest peace.

I strongly recommend this book as well as the other spiritual classic, "I am That" by Nisargadatta.

~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Katie Davis Website:

Awakening: Exposing the Voice of the Mosaic Mind by Mark Waller Ph.D. - Katie Davis Blog

Book endorsement by Katie Davis for Awakening by Mark Waller, Ph.D.

Intelligent, Insightful and Awakening

Mark Waller is a beacon for change within his profession. From therapy to awakening, this cutting edge book is a direct, intimate pointer for those truly ready to awaken and end suffering. ~ Katie Davis, Awake Joy

Awakening is available at Amazon

Katie Davis Website:

Friday, March 28, 2008

Manaoa Radio, JJ "The Free Zone" and Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit - Katie Davis Blog

Enjoy JJ and "The Free Zone" on Manao Radio on Maui to enjoy World Music on Saturday mornings 6:00 am-10:00 am (three hours later on the West Coast). The show also streams online and is accessible worldwide with much of JJ's favorites from his homeland, Argentina.

Sundance Burke joined JJ and "The Free Zone" this past weekend for two hours to share his teachings of Truth and his message in his new book, Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightend Being. They also shared one cut from the beautiful music of Kathy Zavada, John Astin, Ann Hoffman, a song from Kirtana's new release, Falling Awake and Deva Premal.

Watch "The Free Zone" schedule to see when Sundance will be returning after our Spring Satsang Tour or any Saturday to enjoy JJ's eclectic collection of music.

For Kathy Zavada music, please go to Kathy Zavada, Kirtana cds can be found at Kirtana, John Astin at John Astin, Ann Hoffman at Ann Hoffman and Deva Premal and Miten at Deva Premal Miten.

Awake Fall Tour 2008 - Katie Davis Satsang and Sundance Burke Satsang

The Awake Fall 2008 Schedule with Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy and Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit includes Satsang and Satsang Intensives, Weekend Satsang Retreats and Silent Retreats

Satsang and a Satsang Intensive begins in Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest.

Satsang and a Satsang Intensive will be offered in Portland, Oregon and in Ashland, Oregon, they will be offering Satsang.

If you are interested in inviting Sundance and/or Katie to your area, contact us by the email address available on our Website's Contact page. They are scheduling approximately six months in advance.

Our present itinerary is at Katie Davis, Sundance Burke

Katie Davis Website:

Sundance Burke Website:

Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie Davis:

Aloha! Satang with Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy, and Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit on Maui in Maui Meadows in June

Invitation to satsang on beautiful Maui with Katie Davis and Sundance Burke on Sundays June 1, 8, 15 at 4:00 pm in Maui Meadows. Please arrive 15 minutes early and enter in silence.

For more information, go to Katie Davis Satsang Schedule at

You may also schedule individual appointments with either Sundance Burke or Katie Davis during the month of June on Saturdays in Wailea.

More details and information about Private Satsang, please go to:

To appoint Katie Davis:

To appoint Sundance Burke:

Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment by Katie Davis

Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being by Sundance Burke

Scottsdale and Tempe Satsang with Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy and Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit - Arizona Satsang Intensive

On Monday, May 12, Katie Davis and Sundance Burke will be offering Awake Right Now! at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ.

This evening is an introduction to a three day event Friday-Sunday May 16-18 at East West Exchange in Chandler, AZ. Friday, May 16 will be a two hour workshop in a satsang format, Saturday, May 17 is a satsang intensive and Sunday, May 18 is another satsang intensive.

You may attend these events individually or register for a special three day pass. You may register for a three day pass in person at Changing Hands or by phone or in person East West Exchange.

The Monday evening introduction at Changing Hands may be applied to the three day pass for the events at East West Exchange.

This will be Sundance and Katie's third trip to the Scottsdale area to offer events, satsang and satsang intensives. You are invited to join us in a profound awakening as we move beyond the ego, its time and all it conflicts to discover who we really are.

More information at Katie Davis Satsang:

Vancouver BC Radio - Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy, and Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit - Vancouver BC Satsang and British Columbia Satsang Intensive

You are invited to join Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment, and Sundance Burke, author of Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being on the Vancouver British Columbia Radio Show interviewed by Padma of Beauty Truth on her The Storytelling Show Radio on Sunday, April 27 at 9:00 pm PDT.

The Storytelling Show also streams online for people everywhere. For more information about tuning in, please visit the Katie Davis Satsang Schedule at

You are also invited to join Sundance Burke and Katie Davis at Vancouver Satsang and a Vancouver Satsang Intensive. This lovely weekend was organized by Lynda Cole of Embracing the Now.

More information at the Katie Davis Satsang Schedule:

You are invited to visit:

Padma Website:

Lynda Cole Website:

Padma's Vancouver Radio Show with her interview with Katie Davis and Sundance Burke is now available at the Katie Davis YouTube Channel. The interview is accompanied with a beautiful slideshow. In-JOY!

Seattle Pacific Northwest Satsang, April 25 - Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy, and Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit

You are invited to satsang and a profound awakening in the Pacific Northwest Seattle area with Katie Davis, author, Awake Joy and Sundance Burke, author, Free Spirit, will be returning to their Heart family on the Eastside of Seattle for Seattle Satsang on Friday, April 25 in Redmond, Washington.

Sundance and Katie will be offering Private Satsang on Monday, April 28.

For more information, go to the Katie Davis Satsang Schedule at

To schedule a Private Satsang with Katie Davis, go to

To schedule a Private Satsang with Sundance Burke, go to

Conscious Living Magazines ~ Free Articles by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy, is currently being published in conscious living magazines in the Midwest, Southwest and Hawaii.  You may enjoy articles in Evolving Your Spirit (Chicago), The Monthly Aspectarian (Chicago), a book review of Awake Joy in Nexus (Boulder), free articles in Maui Vision Magazine, Vision Magazine, Conscious Choice, Gateway to Sedona, AZNet News, Natural Awakening in (Scottsdale), Natural Awakenings in Tucson, and Vitality Magazine in Toronto. Enjoy!Watch the Katie Davis Satsang Schedule at for events in these areas:Boulder SatsangChicago Satsang and Satsang IntentiveMaui, Hawaii SatsangSeattle Pacific Northwest Satsang and Satsang IntensiveFlagstaff Satsang and IntensiveSedona Satsang at the Sedona Creative Life CenterTempe and Scottsdale Satsang and Arizona Satsang IntensiveMore information at the Katie Davis Satsang Schedule Davis Website:

Televised Round Table in Chicago by Richard Miller and Never Not Here with Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy and Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit

Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment, and Sundance Burke, author of Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being, will be offering a televised Round Table and you are welcome to join us on Tuesday, April 22 with Never Not Here host, Richard Miller.

He will be filming four shows that will be telecast in 65 areas as well as the Round Table and then repeated four times throughout the year on public access.

If you would like to join the discussion, you will receive a free copy of either Awake Joy or Free Spirit as well as get your questions answered directly, while sitting with Sundance and Katie.

More information at Katie Davis Satsang Schedule at

To reserve a place on the round table, please contact Awake at the email address on our Contact page.

Katie Davis Website:

Sundance Burke Website:

Chicago Satsang and Satsang Intensive with Katie Davis and Sundance Burke

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy and Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit will be in Chicago April 17-22 to offer Chicago Satsang and Satsang Intensives.

Thursday and Friday will be Satsang. Saturday, April 19 and Sunday April 20 will be two Satsang Intensives.
You may attend a single event or register for a pass that includes both days. We will gather at the Lakeside Cafe in Chicago.

More information: Katie Davis Satsang

Katie Davis Website:

Sundance Burke Website:

Highland Park Satsang with Katie Davis & Sundance Burke

Join us for Chicago Satsang with Katie Davis and Sundance Burke in Highland Park, IL on Friday, April 18, 7:30 pm; hosted and organized by Charlie and Maggie Wilkins of One Heart Teachings.

Katie Davis, author, Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment, and Sundance Burke, author, Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightenment will be pointing to spiritual awakening and Self-realization.

For more information, please visit the Katie Davis Satsang Schedule

Katie Davis and Sundance Burke will also be gathering at Transitions Bookplace in Chicago on Thursday, April 17. More information about the free Transitions Bookplace at the Transitions Bookplace Website.

For more information about the programs that Charlie and Maggie offer in the Chicago area, please visit One Heart.

Katie Davis Website:

Sundance Burke Website:

Free Talk and Book Signing with Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy and Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit at Transitions Bookplace in Chicago

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy and Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit
Thursday, April 17, 7:00 pm

Free workshop on awakening to discover conscious freedom and causeless joy. Sundance Burke and Katie   Davis will point the way to true and lasting fulfillment.

Author book signing will follow their talk at Transitions Bookplace with plenty of free parking. This is the first event of five opportunities to sit with Sundance and Katie, while they are in Chicago. We invite you to a profound awakening.

Katie Davis and Sundance Burke on Awakening and Self-realization - Eckhart Tolle Teachings and Self-inquiry Teaching of Ramana Maharshi - Satsang Tour

In 1986, Katie Davis spontaneously awakened, now over 20 years ago, without spiritual practices or teachers. A former secondary school educator, businesswoman and mother of two, she simply radically fell into a new reality. After years of integrating, she began sharing satsang and travels to share her message of freedom and joy with her husband, Sundance Burke, author of Free Spirit.

Sundance Burke was born in Seattle under the given name Donald Russell Burke III. He is a graduate of the University of Washington and the Gonzaga School of Law. While traveling for business in 1982, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening with his first teachers, Satoshi (Osho; Nisargadatta influence) and Shunyata, named the Rare Born Mysic by Ramana Maharshi.

In 1988, Sundance met Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy and they travel throughout the world to share the conscious realization of uncaused freedom and joy.

Sundance Burke and Katie Davis are husband and wife. Many years later before his first book published, they met Eckhart Tolle, author of Power of Now and A New Earth. An occasional guest in their home, they were invited to travel with him on his first Power of Now Tour on the West Coast and in the Southwest. 

Subsequently, Katie Davis was invited to volunteer in his offices in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. 

In 2000, Eckhart Tolle offered his blessings for Katie Davis and Sundance Burke to share his teachings and they began offering gatherings in their home. Eventually they also offered six week seminars on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

Soon they also offered six week seminars on the Self-inquiry teachings of Ramana Maharshi and the Heart of Advaita, as well as the Truth of their awakenings and Self-realization. 

Subsequently, they began traveling to offer their realized messages of freedom and joy up and down the West Coast and in the Southwest.

It was Eckhart Tolle who encouraged them to write their books, Awake Joy: The Essence ofEnlightenment by Katie Davis and Free Spirit: A Guide toEnlightened Being by SundanceBurke. They moved to Maui, Hawaii from their Seattle home and each wrote, with their desks side by side, in the flow of consciousness. The working titles of their books were "The Illuminated Mind" (Free Spirit) and "The Awake Heart" (Awake Joy). The books are written in a manner that complement one another and many say that they are better together.

Today, they are traveling worldwide and have surrendered the balance of the body's lifetime to share that this awakening is the end of suffering for ourselves, our families and schools, our world's religions and indeed the world, its environment and creatures. Discovering who you are is the only answer for complete fulfillment and enduring world peace.

Sundance and Katie's Spring Tour begins in Boulder April 4-6 where they will be offering Boulder Satsang and a Weekend Boulder Satsang Intensive.

They will then travel to Richmond Hill and Toronto, Ontario in Canada April 10-14 where they will be offering Toronto Satsang and a Satsang WeekendIntensive.

Katie Davis and Sundance Burke will then be in Chicago April 17-22 to offer Chicago Satsang and a Weekend Chicago Satsang Intensive. They will be offering a free workshop and book signing on Thursday, April 17 at Transitions Bookplace. They will also be interviewing on Chicago's Never Not Here Show with Richard Miller. Hosted and sponsored by Richard Miller of Never Not Here, they will be also be offering a televised Round Table. On the final day, they will offer Private Satsang appointments. 

Katie Davis and Sundance Burke will then go to Seattle in the Pacific Northwest to offer Satsang. The days following will include a free Satsang at the East West Bookstore, followed by a book signing for Awake Joy by Katie Davis and Free Spirit by Sundance Burke. On the weekend, also at the East West Bookstore, they will be offering a Seattle Weekend Satsang Intensive.

May 1-3, the tour continues in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. They will be interviewed by Padma on the Vancouver BC radio show, "Storytelling Show" and offering Vancouver Satsang and a WeekendVancouver Satsang Intensive.

The tour ends in Scottsdale, Arizona in May, where they will be offering Tempe Satsang and a Weekend Satsang Intensive in Chandler.

Their Summer Schedule will be on Maui and includes a Maui Satsang series and a special event at the Studio Maui with singer/songwriter, guitarist and poet, John Astin combining music, poetry and spiritual inquiry.

The Fall Tour 2008 in September begins with a Seattle Satsang series and continues to Portland. In Portland, they will be offering PortlandSatsang, a Weekend Portland Satsang Intensive and a book signing for Awake Joy by KatieDavis and Free Spirit by Sundance Burke at New Renaissance Bookshop.

To invite Sundance and Katie to your area, go to the "Contact" page on their websites:

They are scheduling their tours six months in advance.

In you would like a Private Satsang appointment, they meet with people around the globe by phone or Skype and usually in every city surrounding their events, they schedule Private Satsang appointments in person. 

You are invited to awakened and join us in satsang anywhere.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Awakening to the Invincible Summer by Katie Davis

One senses richer fragrances and there are other whispers of an awakening spring. The Monarch butterflies are silently migrating and we have the subtle impression that something is missing as the whales depart. We live the simplicity of the cycles of Gaia, however there is something deeper here; something sacredly indefinable. It never changes, even as the seasons change.

I am reminded of the natural birth of my daughter. As a focal point, I gazed at a poster of the sun shining through snow covered pines. The byline read, “In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer.” I intuited that my daughter was named Summer and that her nature was invincible. However, I had not awakened to the unfathomable depth to which Camus was pointing.

Just as the ‘I’iwi is adapted to sip honey, we can taste the sweet nectar of the Silence of the Heart. However, the concept of “me,” camouflages our salvation. Its strategy is to maintain itself, through healing the past or becoming what it wants to be in the future. Other than a constant “work in progress,” my question is where is it and who is it right now? I suggest that the answer is nowhere and nobody. We have many reasons why we cannot be happy and yet this false sense of self is the only thief. This con artist is a myth and exists only in the time-based, unawake mind. Through awakening, the relationship with “ourselves” is surrendered. After all, we are not two; neither “i” nor “me.” We are neither subject nor object; we are free.

Yet, we live the constraint of an individual consciousness as a separate subject. Through this uninvestigated assumption, we experience suffering. A limited subject can only perceive limitedness. It just makes sense that unrestrained freedom cannot be found within restraint. First, we insist upon independence and then fear our imagination. We grieve solely for what is assumed and unknown. We are not a vulnerable point in a chaotic universe. We are the open and still Awareness that sustains all life. We shine invincibly and joy is our birthright.

This spring, we may realize the ultimate truth of “no rain, no rainbows.” Life need not be burdened with suffering to appreciate mystical happiness. This simple shift is as natural as the changing season. Even our gardens effortlessly delight: dancing fuchsia, laughing yellow, smiling faces of cream. When the seasons change, what remains? If you had a choice would you choose “me” or Joy? Hele me kahau’oli….go with Joy.

Visit the Katie Davis Website to enjoy free awakening videos on the nature of consciousness, enlightenment, awakening to your life's purpose and Self-realization by clicking HERE

Katie Davis Website:

Richmond Hill & Toronto, Ontario Satsang with Katie Davis, Sundance Burke

Awake Right Now! Satsang and Satsang Intensives
Katie Davis and Sundance Burke

Registration deadline is April 1. Thereafter, at the door.

Thursday, April 10, Richmond Hill, Ontario Satsang
Katie Davis and Sundance Burke

Friday, April 11, Toronto, Ontario Satsang
Katie Davis and Sundance Burke

Saturday, April 12, Toronto, Ontario Satsang Intensive
Katie Davis and Sundance Burke

Sunday, April 13, Richmond Hill, Ontario Satsang Intensive
Katie Davis and Sundance Burke

Monday, April 14, Private Satsang with Katie or Sundance in Toronto, Ontario

To register or for more information, please click Schedule and Registration

Katie Davis Satsang Schedule:

Sundance Burke Satsang Schedule:

Free Awakening Video and the Heart of Advaita Video with Katie Davis - Diamond of Joy Video

A free awakening video with Katie Davis was posted today on the Katie Davis Website. It is entitled "Diamond of Joy."

In this video, Katie is sharing awakening and points the way to the Heart; the very Heart of Advaita.

She points to the nature of consciousness, awakening, enlightement, non-duality and spiritual realization or Self-realization.

Katie Davis Free Video Library:

Katie Davis Website

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Free Video on Awakening & Consciousness by Katie Davis - Free Video Library

Another free video with Katie Davis on "Awakening and Consciousness" was released today on the Katie Davis Website.

It is Part II of a six part series with Katie Davis interviewed by Jordan Shafer of CompassionWorks, who is the host and sponsor of our Dallas Satsang and Dallas Satsang Intensives.

Enjoy the entire Free Awakening Video Library with Katie Davis and Sundance Burke with videos on awakening, consciousness, Advaita, Non-duality, enlightenment and Self-realization.

Katie Davis Website Free Videos:

Katie Davis Website:

Katie Davis Blog:

Sundance Burke Website:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boulder Satsang April 4-6 - Katie Davis, Sundance Burke

Friday, April 4, Shankar Gallery, Boulder Satsang
Katie Davis and Sundance Burke Satsang

Saturday, April 5, Shankar Gallery, Boulder Satsang Intensive
Katie Davis and Sundance Burke Satsang Intensive

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Living Now by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy - Chicago Satsang and Chicago Satsang Intensives


Hi! I really enjoyed your article, "Chocolate Cake" and"The Sky of Now" in the Monthly Aspectarian in Chicago. I will be at Chicago Satsang as well as the Chicago Satsang Intensive.

I have a couple questions. If you have a moment, I would love to hear what you have to say. You wrote about identifying your life with a story and how it is important to let go of the past, in order to live in the moment.

How do you then deal with the future? I mean, we all have to be somewhere at sometime or maybe there is an event coming up that we get excited about. How do you balance awarness of the future with living in the now? I realize that might be a big question, but if you have any thoughts I would love to hear them.

I've been practicing self-observation the last couple days and it is very challenging. I am becoming aware of how I am very caught up in what I have to do in order to be that person I think I have to be. I'm also a college student which I'm sure has something to do with that. Hope to hear from you.

Katie Davis:

Thank you for your question and I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the articles.

The mind-made self, the idea of “me,” is always time fixated. It is consistently trying to heal the past (worry, depression, guilt) or running to the future (stress and anxiety). It totally overlooks this moment, the only place where real life is happening. In the now, we amazingly find that nothing is broken and nothing needs to be fixed.

We can’t keep telling a past painful story and expect to get rid of the pain. The continuing pain is caused by our willingness to keep retelling the story to ourselves and others. Each repeat causes more pain.

We then take what we have learned psychologically from the past and project it into the future. The false sense of self believes that the future will be more of the same or hopes that it will be different which also causes pain, since we are actually expressing dissatisfaction about our life right now. We want it to be different.

However, when we are totally in the now and bring attention precisely right here, we find that our senses become so much more vibrantly alive, since we are not lost in our heads in mental activity. The result is joy in present living. Nothing can change the fact that a given situation occurred in the past. It is nothing more than a notch on a dateline, even in its original pain … it happened, but NOW, we are here. When refuse to be a storyteller, we are present for the joy that we are.

Especially as a student, you are challenged with future deadlines. The mind is a good tool for planning and organizing. We use this tool. Unfortunately, it often uses us. If you watch your thoughts while you are preparing for an exam, they are most likely focused at getting to the end in time. The thoughts are rushing you to the future in stress and anxiety. In this, we are not really present for learning at the level that we are capable to learn. Thought is pushing you out of the present moment.

This is really quite simple. In time, there is suffering and in the now, there is joy. Are you in the past right now? No, you are here. Are you in the future right now? No, you are always right here.

Be wherever the body is appearing and everything is alive.

Even if we find our present moment as problematic, such as a flat tire on a car, if you scrutinize your thoughts, you will find that the problem lies in your thoughts about the future … “I won’t get to class on time (future). Why does this always happen to me (based on the past). I will probably miss the exam (future) and then I will fail just like my mother told me that I might (past conditioning.)” Nothing can change the fact that you have a flat tire. We accept it and watch for an immediate solution that can arise in the present moment, if the ego is not telling stories and making it into a huge problem.

So we use the mind and refuse to allow it to use us. Whenever you feel some sort unease in the body, you can be sure that the mind-made self is up to bat to make you suffer.

Since the body is appearing in the present moment, we can use our senses to be more present. While you are walking to class, can you hear the birds, see something beautiful? When we are aware of our sensing, we are no longer lost in our heads. We feel alive and vibrant. Be aware of each action you take through sensing; your morning shower, eating breakfast and so on.

It might seem that nothing will ever get done, but actually the opposite is the truth. Since you are totally present, in the body, in this moment, we are so much more aware and happiness bubbles up from within. We also find that we are quite more efficient, since we are not hurrying to the future.

The ONLY time that is real is right NOW and the quality of your consciousness right now takes care of the next moment when it appears. When it appears, it is of course … now.

You do not need to become the person that your mind wants you to be. Who you are right now is perfection; without the striving to become something else. “If I did that, nothing would get done.” Is this really so? Try it and see. The mind is stuck between past fear and future desire and virtually squeezes the now into non-existence … the only place where true life appears to be happening.

Bring your attention into the body and its sensing and start accepting the present moment just as it is. I promise you, you will discover a depth within you that is the joy that you have been seeking in every so-called other. It is already here, right now.

And about that excitement? Being enthused is the ultimate gift! Sometimes, we have a future event that we anticipate is going to be wonderful. We practice in the mind and our future expectations about the event increase in our imagination. Nonetheless, it is not real yet. Sometimes, the expectations of the mind become so strong that when the event actually appears, we are let down since it doesn’t meet the mind’s expectation.

There is a difference between excitement and enthusiasm. When we are enthused about where we are right now and enthused with each moment that appears, we sense a calm, inner peace. Then we are present and see the inner truth of the event while it is actually happening. We rest in not knowing the next magnificent moment; not knowing and free of anticipation and expectation, we live life authentically right now. In this, we realize our total fulfillment here and now.

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