Friday, November 23, 2007

True Forgiveness by Katie Davis - Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie Davis

Love does not exist within the mind and its time. Trying to heal the past is a past fixation, so we are not present for the unconditional Love that we are. The mind-made self, the ego, has a lifetime of past experience. Those that are most troublesome seem to be the ones that we meet within our intimate relationships. All of the ego's rules, expectations, intentions, and lack of trust are based on past experience. The ego acquires knowledge from the past and applies the known to present experience.

With each encounter, when others fall short of expectations, it suffers and then closes down even more. After enough negative experiences, the ego may even generalize its experience with a few individuals to an entire class, such as "men." Now, it not only has a few individual enemies in the life experience, it also has an entire imaginary army, somewhere in the future that certainly will create more of the same.

While fixated on the ego and its time, we seem to recreate the very thing that we want to escape. The ego projects into the future, its experience of the past, as present moment experience. Playing by the ego's rules of the game involves a never-ending loss of innocence. Of course, Innocence can never really be touched, since it is absolutely indestructible and perfectly within you right now. We just are not yet conscious of this Field, since the ego is mentally involved in the every day push and pull of the mind and its conditions for living each moment.

True forgiveness has nothing to do with any other. One could say that you are the forgiveness for which the ego strives. When you of free of time, that is, free of the past, free of "me" and therefore free of some "other," truthfully when is forgiveness required? We are simply free in our refuge of timelessness.

Other than perceived events that appear solely as mental images in the head on a chronological dateline, are you free right now? Are you truly available to offer True Compassion for all that appears, regardless of the face that it seems to be wearing? Do we live in constant forgiveness for all that appears? Do people truly accept this moment just as it is?

Let your heart crack open, face fear, and see if it is as the mind thinks.

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