Monday, November 12, 2007

Beyond Causality by Katie Davis

Beyond Causality
By awakening to the delusion of time, you have the opportunity to recognize that who you really are is beyond causality. Within time, you are subject to this law of cause and effect. Every action that you take creates causation and you then receive its effect. Whether effect creates causation and therefore cause, or whether cause creates causation and therefore effect, is inconsequential, other than for the pursuit of the time-based mind. From that viewpoint, one could say that everything that happens is the cause of everything that happens. Causality is an endless cycle of “past-present” moments, which cause their effect within “past-future” time. Chronologically, the effects do not necessarily appear in a linear manner. Within time, this chained cycle is endless. Causality seems to exist due to the delusion of time. Causality is the result of the desires and fears of the illusive, time-based ego. Cause and effect are part and parcel of the imagined “me” and contained in the false impression of timely separation.

To the majority of the world’s population, only the consciously perceivable is classified as “real,” while the unperceivable is identified as “unreal.” This viewpoint relegates everything that is unconscious, uninvestigated and unrealized as “unreal.” We are dismissing the unmanifest potential of existent emptiness, since it is presently unperceived. In certain respects, the advancements in today’s scientific and technological communities are changing this limited viewpoint. For instance, scientists have discovered that within the atom, there is far more space than matter. Simplistically, I suppose that the amount of matter might be considered to be equivalent to nothing more than a grain of sand within the empty space of an astrodome. Scientists have shifted their attention from matter, to investigate the unknown space. The problem seems to be that they are still looking for “something” within the space and of course finer levels of matter are then appearing. As long as they continue to look for “something,” the true nature of “no-thingness” remains unrealized. Just as seekers of enlightenment, who remain “non-finders,” continue to look for “something,” instead of stopping to rest as stillness. On a beautiful starlit night, even the naked eye can see that there is really more space than place. Universal space is infinitely vast. We are dismissing the space in the assumption that it is nothing. The mind labels it nothing, since there is no-thing there. What is this no-thingness of the unknown? What does it reflect within you?

Scientists also recognize that beyond the matter-containing universe, there is an unknown void that is free of matter altogether, which is absolutely still. Of course, the scientific mind qualifies the void as darkness. Is this really true? Even while you are reading this book, while focusing on matter or content, you may be unconscious of space or silence and yet it is everywhere. We have merely been focusing on content, rather than that which surrounds it. The true answer to the nature of this unknown vastness of space, the silence of the universe and the unknown void which lies beyond cannot be discovered externally within manifestation. The answer is the potential of Self-discovery. This discovery does not require sophisticated scientific instruments to look for “something.” It requires that you stop searching and rest as stillness. Totality is infinity, space, “spacelessness,” matter, silence, frequency, vibration, time, timelessness, eternity, the void of emptiness, the void of fullness, the manifest and the unmanifest, whose womb is the absolute stillness of Pure Awareness. It is realized as Consciousness-Being-Bliss or Awake Living Joy. The discoveries within the scientific communities are significant, since it is opening more people to the potential reality of the unknown within manifestation. Their observations are truthfully reflecting the Unknown within. This book is pointing toward the Source of the infinite unmanifest within you.

All the same, it requires only a single instant outside of time to spur awakening. When this occurs, the world is virtually turned “outside in.” Within the time-based world, everything that was formerly viewed as “real” is suddenly recognized to be illusion, which of course it is. The benefit is that the dream-like nature of the world facilitates the deeper exploration of the inner world. This inner attention stimulates the realization of the Truth of Being. This Truth is then recognized as everywhere and the dual world is then realized as the non-dual Real. Beyond space, matter and time, only the Self is. Within space, matter and time, only the Self is. You are only the Self and you are beyond both duality and unity. After Self-discovery, there is nothing separate to support cause and effect. One is no longer identified or limited to the body and the individual consciousness is realized as delusion. To whom would cause or effect apply? Action and causation are delusions within your true immutability. You are the Self and you are free of action and yet originate it. You are free of the movement through space creating time, so therefore you are free of the progression of causality. Even now, Life is causeless and you are complete. You have only to realize it. However, as a time traveler, who is still identified with the ego as the doer, you are subject to the law of cause and effect.     

The Prophecy of the End of Time
A prophecy is something that we predict will happen in the future, such as the end of time prophecy in the Book of Revelations in the Bible. It is impossible for the end of time to happen within time. The end of time cannot be in the future. The end of time can only be right now. One wonders whether this biblical prophecy was misinterpreted, within the realm of the time-based, unawake mind. Perhaps the end of time is simply the end of the delusion of time. This makes sense, does it not? Perhaps, the end of the world is really the end of the dream world. Maybe, it is the end of attachment to the time-based ego and its identification with objectivity, as well as its concept of separation.

Whatever the case, the end of time does coincide with the culmination of the ignorant mind. You no longer need the past to prove separate identity in order to realize wholeness. You no longer need suffering to consciously inquire to discover Truth. You no longer need separation to recognize that you are Self-realized. You no longer need duality for experience. You no longer need the future to provide fulfillment. Instead, you have the opportunity for the “mind-shattering” shift, from the movement of mind within time, to the absolute stillness of the Truth of Being. The Truth offers wholeness instead of separation, Joy instead of suffering, non-duality instead of duality and total fulfillment right now. 

Every master of enlightenment throughout history has pointed to the simple Truth of Now. Present day spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, is author of the international bestseller The Power of Now. The book is written eloquently and pragmatically. As the “mainstream” loved and accepted this book worldwide, I could only sense the dramatic impact. In The Power of Now, Beloved Eckhart writes:

“Have you ever experienced, done, thought, or felt anything outside of Now? Do you think that you ever will? Is it possible for anything to  happen  or  be  outside  the  Now?  The  answer  is  no,  is it not? Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.”

Awake Living Joy points to the realization of the Truth of Being. The Essence of enlightenment is beyond time, which is tantamount to beyond the mind. This is not an essence that you move toward. The opportunity is here now for everyone. It is a breathtaking shift from mind to the ever-present and ever-open Heart of All Being. It is a simple, yet wondrous shift, which coincidentally is the end of time as well as the end of the world as we have known it.

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