Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Seeking Something - Void of the Unknown - Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

To the majority of the world’s population, only the consciously perceivable is classified as “real,” while the unperceivable is classified as “unreal.”

This viewpoint relegates everything that is unconscious, uninvestigated and unrealized as “unreal.”

We are dismissing the unmanifest potential of existent emptiness, since it is presently unperceived. In certain respects, the advancements in today’s scientific and technological communities are changing this limited viewpoint. For instance, scientists have discovered that within the atom, there is far more space than matter. Simplistically, I suppose that the amount of matter might be considered to be the equivalent to nothing more than a grain of sand within the empty space of an astrodome.

Scientists have shifted their attention from matter to investigate the unknown space. The problem seems to be that they are still looking for “something” and of course finer levels of matter are then appearing. As long as they continue to look for “something,” the true nature of nothingness remains unrealized; just as seekers of enlightenment, who remain non-finders, continue to look for “something,” instead of stopping to simply rest.

Most every night on Maui, we are blessed with beautiful starlit nights. Even the naked eye can see that there is far more space than place. Universal space is infinitely vast. We are dismissing the space in the assumption that it is nothing. The mind labels it as nothing, since there is no-thing there.

What is this “no-thingness” of the unknown? What does it reflect within you?

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