Thursday, November 1, 2007

Spontaneous Awakening by Katie Davis

Now over 20 years ago, I spontaneously awakened, without previous knowledge of enlightenment or spiritual practices for Self-realization. Suddenly, out of the blue sky, I fell awake into non-experience . . . into a non-dual reality that I had no idea that it existed.

I had no intellectual reference whatsoever. My friends were not on this path and I was not even aware of the "inner" world. One moment, I was first and foremost a devoted mother with a business, the next, I was profoundly shocked into the Truth that virtually nothing is as it seems. I shifted beyond the mind-made sense of self, its body, and its time.
Before awakening, I discovered what I thought was the mind's ability to create in the 1970's and I was successful. I trained my students this miracle of creation and they attained their goals as well. Yet, the things and attainments simply came and went. In the end, something always seemed to be missing, so there was always "something more" to create. I did not realize that the "something missing" was innate in my uninvestigated assumption of being a fraction.
In the end, only "I" remained and its assumption of separation is its lack and longing. In the miracle of mind-creating, I thought that I was the finger pointing to the moon, the creation. In fact, I was neither finger, nor moon. In retrospect, the observing itself was the tremendous power. Through observing, a stunning detachment occurred from all thought, its mechanisms, and manifestation. This included the "I" thought (the separate self) and its body assumption. Ultimately, only the overwhelming fulfillment of joy remained.
The Heart is ceaselessly outpouring love. Are you looking from the Heart or from the mind?

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