Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Awake by Katie Davis Blog: Emotional Storms by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

When you are identified with the story, you believe that outside circumstances cause your emotions to change. For example, someone does something that you either love or hate, so you feel either happy or angry. This translates that if you are happy, someone can also take it away or if you are angry, someone else should fix it. By surrendering your true power in this manner, you helplessly ride the waves of emotion as they endlessly rise and fall. You remain subject to the merciless push and pull of the emotional aspect of the mind.

At first glance, you begin realizing that your conditioned attitudes about past situations are conditionally linked to certain present emotions through your thinking. Based on past experience, this conditioned linkage is the actual cause of your emotional storms. This is self-inflicted suffering. You cannot learn the joy of being, but you can become aware of how you deny this Truth through self-observation. You can even become aware of the instant that you choose to do so. Meanwhile, deep within, constant joy is without cause or condition. My invitation is to look deeper than the storyteller and its storyline for joy’s discovery.

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