Saturday, November 24, 2007

Let It Be - Unconditional Surrender by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Unequivocal surrender is a surface letting go of a life situation that previously would have annoyed us or hurt us. We begin standing free of our judgment, manipulation of others and control of life circumstances. In this, we remain emotionally balanced, free, and at peace.

Unequivocal surrender is a willingness to allow this precise moment, right now, to be exactly as it is. How could it be otherwise? Sensibly, we unconditionally accept the "nowness" of life ... since it is ... it already is. In the past, we fought with the moment and tried to change it, but no one can change the present moment that already is. This just makes sense, does it not?

Through this tolerance the ego begins losing its pseudo power and reactionary nature. The mind-made self begins losing its grip both on you and on others. We begin resting in the simplicity of timeless presence and find that we begin welcoming life circumstances no matter how they appear.

We rest in silent being with some strange knowing that the Heart is consuming "us." Let wisdom do its work and remain still. That is your only responsibility. Stop and be consciously aware of the open window within you through which unconditional love flows. Be quiet, be still, and that is all.

As the simplicity of being deepens, transcendental surrender draws near and matures into the wisdom of Self-realization. Just as the sun does not know darkness, Self does not know not-Self. Darkness cannot prevail in the light of consciousness. The radiant mind then mirrors the innocence and purity of our true nature. We call that world transformation. Let it be ... just let it all be.

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