Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Resistance and Surrender by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Resistance seems unique to the human being. Nature provides many examples of yielding to life, rather than resisting. In a tropical storm, palm trees yield to the wind and then regain their graceful sway after the storm passes. A river yields to its gravitational force as it effortlessly descends the mountain to disperse into the Ocean. Winter yields to spring, just as the ocean yields to the tides. Eagles soar in the air and yield to the wind's change of direction. Daytime gracefully surrenders to the intimacy of the night. Thought free, nature meets life as it is and never slips into time. When we no longer oppose the flow of life, we feel the impact of relinquishing resistance. The feeling impact is an opening into the expansiveness of peace. We free Wisdom's work to run through us. This Current will carry us to the Joy of the Ocean, if we would just let go and surrender.

Katie Davis Website: www.katiedavis.org

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