Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Time Based Ego by Katie Davis - Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie Davis

Desire and fear are signatures of the false sense of self ... the ego. As pawn to life, the mind made self constantly perceives that it is under some type of threat, whether conscious or otherwise. It judges circumstances from its fractional point of view, which is embodied as either inferiority or arrogance. The consequence is inner resistance and intrinsically carries the imprint of time.

Its effect flows into life as programmed reaction and worldly conflict. Most of all, it provides more occasions for you and others to suffer. Concurrently, the illsory ego is on phobic guard to neurotically defend or anxiously defend its treasured objects of desire.

Residing in future hope or fear from a past perspective, the separate sense of "me" sabotages the here and now as it hungers for personal gratification. Unfortunately, true fulfillment is not personal and it cannot be realized in the future.

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