Friday, October 26, 2007

Seeking Happiness by Katie Davis

Love surrounds us and it originates from the Secret Ocean within you. We do not need to cry out for love while living, in the same manner that the spinner dolphin does not call for more water while swimming. The mind has its idea of perfection and of what it needs to be happy. All the while, we are the very joy that we are seeking.
We are trying to maintain an image of self that is separate, a mere fraction of the whole, and then wonder why we continue to sense lack, after getting what the mind wants. "Maybe that wasn't it," says mastermind, "I'll create something more." It continues to try in vain to complete itself by adding other fractions that will likewise come and go. Conditioned intelligence recreates only the known past. New objects and circumstances may appear, but your end result will be the same.
For Self-realization, "I" dissolves and its desires and fears vanish with it. Love is fearless and the realization of the Unknown Heart is our total fulfillment. Certainly it can be seen that after all of mind's creating and attracting, the separate self will still remain only a fraction, just wait and see. Fulfillment means completion, not a fractional part, and love's completion is the discovery of who you really are.

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