Sunday, October 7, 2007

Know that I am by Katie Davis - Katie Davis Blog - AwakebyKatie

The portal to know that "I am" is through the body. The physical form and its sensing are always now and a part of the present moment, so we can be attentive to our body's sensing or breathing to be more present to "I am" and therefore more free of the ego.

Being is living or we may call it consciousness. Consciousness is formlessness, as well as all form. We cannot deny that we are presently living. We just are not living "our" life, which is the ego's idea that leads to suffering. Dual in nature, dreaming "I" misperceives that it is separate from its non-dual Essence. "I am" is Pure Consciousness Being and it is inseparable from who you are. This Being is appearing as a myriad of forms, as it appears to be born into form and then appears to return to formlessness, all the while being consciousness.

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