Monday, October 8, 2007

Aware Consciousness by Katie Davis - Katie Davis Blog - AwakebyKatie

We are not an individual, separate sense of self who is being a mother, a friend, a professional. When we move beyond our name and form, we recognize that the unlimited Love and true fulfillment that we have been searching for is already here within ... unbound, unlimited, totally beyond belief. We are that which we see ... and all that we cannot see, we are the silent space that actually is beyond space and time. When we are consciously being, we become aware of this space consciousness and it allows us a deeper sense of Self. A sense of Self that excludes none and is all.

In fact, we are inseparable, not only from one another, but from this pure consciousness that we are truly are. We are peaceful and we recognize that our actions are arising from this intelligent space. We begin appreciating the art of Awake Living, which is unified and we have no more investment in resisting form and circumstances, since aware consciousness is virtually all there is.

And yes, of course, we then embody this Truth. Life seems to become fully integrate, which it always has been. We simply have not been focused on that which is totally free of content. When we identify with form, with our thoughts, with our emotions, with the primary thought "i," we suffer. That is not to deny anything. We simply are infinitely more.

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