Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"I am" Meditation by Katie Davis - Katie Davis Blog - AwakebyKatie Davis

This Sunday, someone askedif there was a practice that I could post that might allow one to be more deeply aware of the sense, "I am." Below is a meditation that might help. However first, it must be seen that the mental idea of a separate sense of self, the conceptual "i" or what I refer to as dreaming "i" is the only apparent obscuration. I say apparent, since when we curiously look within to discover where this thought is arising, it disappears into the still Heart. The true Heart that you are right now. Whenever we assume a practice, we are saying "I am not now" but "I will be in the future." Often, the pratitioner is the problem, so to speak. There is no ego "i" other than in the dual mind's idea of separation. You cannot be an object to your own Self. There are not two.

First and foremost, I suggest that if you are not already familar with Ramana Maharshi's Self Inquiry that you approach this inquiry with curiousity. Who are you? Where is this "i" pointing? You will find that it is not the body. Simply ask "Who am I" and listen intensely with every cell of your body. From where does this thought arise? That is who you really are.

The "I am" Meditation:

Initially, the Heart space is experienced in your chest. Sit in a comfortable chair with your spine erect, your feet on the floor, your eyes closed and your hands resting in your lap. Take a moment to attend the comfort of the body and let go of any tension to relax more deeply. With each breath, gently inhale the air through your nose and follow it into your lower abdomen. Let the abdomen expand. On the exhale, keep your attention in the center of your chest as you just let the air go in a relaxed manner, as the air leaves your mouth. With attention still in your chest, notice the inner silence at the end of each exhale. Breathing is relaxed and normal.

A. With your head straight forward, inhale and exhale ten times in the manner that was explained above.

B. Turn your head to the right over your shoulder to inhale. Then, turn your head to your left shoulder to exhale through your mouth. Still looking over your left shoulder, inhale through your nose and then turn your head over your right shoulder again to exhale. Each time, be aware of the silence at the end of each exhale. Repeat this series ten times.

C. With normal, relaxed breathing and your head straight forward, let the silent word "I" fill your chest as you inhale. As you exhale, sense the silent word "AM" in your Heart as you exhale. In the silence at the end of the exhale, sense the silent being in your chest. Repeat ten times.

D. Without the words "I am," repeat the same exercise ten times. At the end, take five minutes to appreciate the aliveness, the Pure Being, that is flooding your body.
This meditation is also posted in the Friends of the Heart Newsletter on the Katie Davis website.

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Thanks, Katie. I will see you next week at satsang.