Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Spun Gold" by Maren Springsteen - Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie

To meet Maren Springsteen is to meet pure love ... as it starts blooming into its infinite creative potential.

The poem below, "Spun Gold," was published in our Friends of the Heart January Issue.

The Friends of the Heart March Issue is posted at www.KatieDavis,org/FriendsoftheHeart.html

In-Joy! ~ Katie Davis

SPUN GOLD by Maren Springsteen

A house divided in itself cannot stand.

I felt the Truth, yet spoke of illusion,

falling back into dream,

pretending I could be suggested to of ‘otherness,’

when all along

Spun Gold’s Immanence

functions flawlessly.

Perfection never challenges itself,

so why would I?

By listening to the serpent,

I veiled myself in Ignorance,

traded in my Identity for nothingness

that could never become Substance.

STOP to these foolish games played by no-one!

Spun Gold it was all along,

all of it, this body, mistaken as an obstacle to Peace,

these politics, countries, people, weather, food,

oh, how many times did the serpent’s whisper appear as

these innocent images

that yearn to be truly recognized again,

longing to serve only THAT

that they, too, can’t but BE.

Faint memories of being the Master weaver reappear.

Fierce, loyal, strong and fearless do I stand Alone-Once.

Gently, tenderly allowing All to be Itself again.

The shining sea of Spun Gold collapses

and only total Openness remains,

non-definable, ungraspable


All Love Eternally ~ Maren

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