Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Changeless and the Ever Changing by Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"

When all that is impermanent is surrendered, what remains is who you really are. 

Every "thing" in the perceivable world of duality is subject to the law of impermanence. This means that everything that appears will eventually disappear. Forms come and they go.

If you are seeking for something permanent and lasting, within that which is impermanent, you will suffer. It is self-evident that the changing cannot contain the changeless. No-thing is permanent.

For instance, you might seek to find stable happiness within relationships, not really understanding that this is destined to fail. Since people and circumstances change, relative happiness will cycle to unhappiness sooner or later. While relationships may provide many moments of happiness, they will always be intermingled with unhappiness.

In fact, it might be quite helpful to note that whenever you feeling unhappy, that unhappiness is just as unstable as happiness. It will inevitably change, within time, and cycle to happiness.

When you give up striving for true and enduring happiness through objects, people and circumstances, it signals that you are closer to realizing the changeless joy that you genuinely are.

After all, if you were anything other than the changeless, you would not even be able to perceive the ever changing. 

Your body and its life situation are subject to this law of impermanence. The content of the life situation is always different. It is therefore unreasonable to expect anything other than periods of unhappiness. 

Pure joy simply cannot be found objectively.

Who is aware of the body and its life situation? Who is aware of unhappiness? Who is watching? 

Does that awareness ever change? Is it not true that it is everywhere you are? 

Is it not the same awareness that was looking at its image in the mirror, when you were only six years old? 

Is it not the same awareness that was looking at the blue sky at the beach when you were only twenty? 

In fact, is it not the same awareness that is looking right now in this moment?

Who is that? Who are you?

You are the only key to realizing pure love and joy that is caused by nothing and never changes. This joy is not some-thing for which "you" strive. It is who you already are.

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