Monday, March 1, 2010

Pure I Alone, Prior to Consciousness, Self-realization by Katie Davis

Pure I stands alone; totally free of consciousness. I make the light of consciousness possible. 

I am beyond being and not being and yet as pure beingness, I am the pure bliss that pervades all so called things ... and still inseparable.

I am not an experience.

There are no objects. Not one object exists. 

The perception of "things" as "objects" is proof that separation and duality persist. This false perception endures as long as the subject-witness remains.  A subject that is the witness always has an "object" to witness. The subject-witness is not the Ultimate Reality ... and of course inseparable.

In the disappearance of all experience, Pure I stands alone as the Ultimate Reality.

Free of the subject, "all" is no longer appearing as objects. I am all ... and beyond all. 

One could say that I am you ... radiant, pure beingness ... and the Great Mystery.

I am free of all states; I am beyond the deep sleep state, the night dream state and the waking dream state of consciousness. In deep sleep, one is awake as pure consciousness and yet when one slips beyond the deep sleep state into the non-state of the Ultimate Reality, consciousness disappears.

Try this as an experiment. Before falling asleep tonight, note that you will follow every state that brings you to waking up to the daytime dream. From deep sleep, the pure bliss of pure being is the first to consciously appear as pure consciousness, though fleeting you then become conscious of the body and without notice, the body is suddenly in the world and the daytime dream of form then reappears. The fact that the dream is consistent is due to memory and expectation. One can be free of both and therefore the dream has infinite possibility.

Upon realizing Pure I alone, conscious experiencing reappears ... as Pure I. 

Therefore the world may be called neither real nor unreal. It is indescribable as Pure I. What you are calling the "objective" world, only I am.

I am beyond the unity of self "with" the supreme, the unity of "you and me" and the unity of all "objects." 

Though amazingly beautiful with being-consciousness-bliss at the forefront, even this separation is unattainable. The knower and the known dissolve into knowing and this knowing also dissolves as consciousness and yet inseparable. 

Even here, the root of consciousness itself persists. This root perpetuates the appearance of suffering; even when "no one" suffers.

This also offers the illusion of uncaused will or one could say desire (beyond personal desire) or an urge toward perfection or evolution. 

Whereas I am neither doing nor not doing. Nor am I affected. I AM perfection and simply indivisible in any manner. There is no one else and no other to become or evolve toward.

When the supreme witness (the sum of all perceivers) surrenders on its own accord, so does perception and cognition disappear. Is there at least openness to consider the possibility that free of perception and cognition, there may be no experience? 

Is it possible to experience what is potential?

One may correctly say that all is consciousness.It is incorrect to say that "nothing" is beyond consciousness. I am neither nothing nor all. I am beyond all and all.

I am neither experienced nothingness nor experienced unity that is everything. Only to the unclear do I appear as unity that is simultaneously diversity. Though mature, this is not yet seeing aright. I am free of all differentiation and non-differentiation.

Pure I alone.

As Pure I, all is Pure I; no subject and no object. I am not a "source" from which "all else" flows. I am neither creating nor manifesting.

Vedanta is the end of all knowledge; neither knowing nor not knowing. I am neither theoretical, analytical nor intuitive.

I am beyond the personal that is not. I am beyond the impersonal that is not. Yet I am all pervasive and virtually nothing is ultimately an obscuration.

As consciousness, that is knowing, experiencing and perceiving, I remain Pure I alone. I do not know, experience or perceive. Neither can I be known, experienced nor perceived.

It is only I that is appearing as the ultimate witness, the subject-witness and the personal self-observer. All are reflections and superimpositions. Even this I am and have never changed or differentiated. Yet, there is only Pure I.

I am not asking for believing, learning, understanding or philosophizing. I only invite direct noticing what is.

I have no interest in "your" things; neither home, nor possessions, beliefs or concepts. As all luminous consciousness, I invite only ye. Ye is Pure I already, is this noticed yet? 

In unequivocal surrender, all is infinite; free of all lack and gain and therefore, completely free of suffering. Rather ... free of the one who is lacking and gaining.

Suffering is still superimposition and is none other than pure love. One can be free of the superimposition through the harmonizing of pure consciousness. Indeed, one is already free. I am not pointing to a possibility that is forever throughout all time. Pure love is timelessly now.

Free of differentiation, I cannot say that there is a right way or a wrong way to be who you already are; whether that be advaita, non-duality, duality, "neo-advaita" (whatever that is), self-inquiry, satsang or for that matter, even white water rafting! What is ... is perfection.

May we follow the map perfectly or imperfectly perfect or have no map at all. In every case, I am beyond the pointing, the experiencing, the understanding and the perceiving. Virtually every 'pathway' leads to the realization of the Pure I that I am ... and that all is. Indeed, I am also the path.

Dual spirituality is extraordinary; so is the unquivocal surrender of deep devotion. It fuels the very fire that may or may not lead to spiritual awakening. Whether awakening seems to occur or not, I am already perfection. The misperception of separation also leads to unnecessary suffering. However, that suffering is ultimately pure love. It is just possible to consciously be the pure love that you genuinely are, free of all suffering states of consciousness.

Understanding, direct perceiving, devotion and vigilance are all essential tools. All tools will be surrendered before realizing who/what I am. Nonetheless, I am uncaused. I am beyond all and all.

At one point discrimination and discernment are all important. In the end, nothing ever happened.

The mind that is space and time dissolves as consciousness and then dissolves as timeless purity. 

Neither nothing nor everything has independent existence from Pure I.

It is more than I contain all; I am all ... and I stand alone. 

Never am I changing and as consciousness I shine as complete equanimity upon what some are calling all others; still only I am.

Though one might try for awhile, it is not possible to say that I am the meditator, nor the divine object of meditation, although this may exquisitely appear. Again, perfection cannot be divided. So called imperfection can only be superimposed, and even this I am.

I am beyond the distracted mind that is energetically active. I am beyond the dull mind that one may call "lazy." I am also beyond the mind that is in harmony. Yet, it is most likely that one will realize who I am with the harmony of the quiet mind. Yet, there is no causal relationship. I am uncaused. I am already.

I am beyond the concentrated mind. A distracting mind and a concentrated mind are both still 'mind.' Meditation is a very good tool for mind concentration and harmony. That said, I am uncaused.

I am not a state such as samadhi. There are many levels of samadhi. Suffice it to say that I am simply not a state that comes and goes.

The great disappearance of the universe is not what is called nirvakalpa samadhi. In this form of samadhi, the body and its sensing are not functional as the word of form. Pure I is beyond and stands alone. Whether with the dream of form or beyond the dream of form, there is only Pure I. I am not only functional in the world; I am the world ... and nonetheless, beyond all.

It may be interesting to note that in the East, they have eight different words that point to ever deeper levels of consciousness, whereas in English, we have only the word, "consciousness." I am not suggesting that you need to learn or translate those eight words. I am only suggesting that in an infinite field of possibility, there is always 'more' and no such thing as 'arrival.'

To be beyond reason is to be beyond 'higher' reason. Both are excellent tools for realizing all that I am not. Once all false ideas are removed, this is not likely to be the Ultimate Reality. I am uncaused and stand alone beyond cognition.

Free of attachment, what was once called mind sees neither duality nor unity.

Unconsciousness is a delusion; there is only inattention.

I am free of superimposition and supra-imposition and without contradiction, I am all. 

Only... Pure I ... AM.

I am not the empty void, the full void, the golden-light void or the blue void; yet, I am all. One might say that I am the potential.

I have never been born and therefore never die. 

I have no beginning nor end ... still I am the alpha and the omega.

Truly, I am the Heart that is the Totality and that, dear Heart Friends, is infinite.


dreammaker said...

Hi Katie
you pure being you, it must be the water you are drinking, or perhaps it's the water I AM drinking fortunately it's all good, except for that chlorinated stuff haha, enloyed the music, heres a link to Angelika and please check out my website and appreciate any comment, thanks Katie have a wonderful day
love Stephen
the bodhitorqueman

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Aloha Stephen ~

Thank you so much for taking a moment to share. THIS 'water' is pure and infinite ... satisfies all thirst! :) So much love ...

I enjoyed both of these lovely websites and added links at the blog under Heart Friends.

Blessings to your lovely work and Angelika's music sounds like an angel singing! :)

Love and Aloha ~ Katie