Thursday, March 18, 2010

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"Lost in Heaven" by Alice Stoean

I go blind sometimes,

By a Light shining more than

Human eyes can bear,

I lose my senses in a fragrance

That would kneel down flowers,

I fall enslaved by a Nectar

So heavy and sweet, that makes

Passion seem a meaningless dust,

One drop dripping and

Creation dissolves.

An angels choir

Enraptures me, Sound shrouds my skin

In a Golden mist.

I wonder: am I still of this realm?

I raise my hands, enchanted

Rose petals spring up in my palms.

Who needs Hearing to listen?

I have a Universe within me,

Still I am floating into the middle of the Universe.

Where is my body? I See

Only flashing Light,

No contours, I am only

Substance, quivering by

My aliveness. Flames dissolve

My warm lips starving for Touch,

Longing bends down branches,

Under the burden of its fruits.

Breath of Love everywhere.

Spread within this Perpetual

Play of Atoms, I dwell

Into this Heaven of your Heart,


Alice Stoean, Romania

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