Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friends of the Heart January-February Newsletter ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy, Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit

The Friends of the Heart January-February Newsletter by Katie Davis, author, Awake Joy and Sundance Burke, author, Free Spirit just published at the Katie Davis Website. To enjoy this issue, please click: Friends of the Heart

In This Issue:

"Self-Inquiry is the Direct Approach to Enlightenment" by Katie Davis

"Free Downloads: Chapters of Awake Joy by Katie Davis, chapters of Free Spirit by Sundance Burke, free e-books, essays and dialogues"

"Exactly, Great Question and Clear Seeing" by Sundance Burke

"Katie Davis Published in Star People in Tokyo, Japan"

"Write an Amazon Review"

"Ordinary Enlightenment ~ The Movie"

"Say I Am You" by Rumi

"Numii Net ~ Serving the Awakening Community"

"We Are Moving"


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