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The Totality of this Moment by Katie Davis - Katie Davis Blog: AwakebyKatie

As the Totality, we are the formless NOW ... with the power of consciousness appearing as a universe. This enchanting moment is not appearing in the past as some bygone memory and the future is plainly not here, other than the limited mind might imagine it.

Let's take a complete look at this moment. The mind probably judges and dismisses it as ordinary. But you are not the divided mind, you are the Totality. Both the body and the divided mind can be adorable; but they are presently limited due to false perceptions.

When we begin desiring something future, we begin imagining, perhaps visualizing, affirming and creating, only a limited possibility. It is limited, since it is being imagined by a conditioned doer that believes that it is a separate and limited body. That doer and its desires are all based on past experience. What we desire and dislike are the conditioned outcomes of how we felt during a past situation.

When we begin spiritual awakening, we begin sensing it as a personal awakening. We begin this profound inward journey through the inner body. We see someone who is awake and another who is not. We call this one enlightened, but that one not. At some point, it is realized what has forevermore been realized and awake ... and there is no one here.

There is no doer. This does not mean that we sit doing nothing. It merely means that "you" are not doing it. It is all happening by itself through the unlimited intelligence and the power of consciousness, with such dynamic simplicity.

Some who are reading this might say, "This is not for me. This is just giving up too much!" Well, this is hardly a diminishment. All that is lost is a self that never was ... and we realize the awe of an entire universe to play in.

It is shocking that we could have ever missed this and imagine that through some massive reduction of an infinite and unfathomable true Self, whose power is the appearance of the universe, and believe ourselves to be a tiny finite body that is somehow alienated from Totality (impossible). That is like trying to pour all of the worlds oceans into a tiny espresso cup. Then as this tiny cup and its cupful of attention or knowledge, we are too busy creating, or otherwise distracted, to realize fully and completely what we genuinely are.

For most, the inward journey may have taken several years. Upon Self-realization, a profound integration begins blossoming. Pure "I" is permanent and never again tries to separate. Meanwhile, the power of consciousness is opening and opening to the totality of experience. Since the mirror is now illuminated, it is a perfect, still reflector of unconditional love and peace of the divinity.

So, the invitation is to be completely the Totality of this moment. The unfathomable formlessness ... and planets in space orbiting and spinning, the ebb and flow of the tides, the sun rising, a flower blooming in sunlight, the whales birthing and the beautiful physical body that you once called "yours." Yes, there is destruction in this moment, tiny cells dying, stars colliding ... the dream falling apart as it does each and every night when you go to bed ... and it is simultaneously total renewal.

The living Truth is animating all form and experience. One could say, Life is living. This moment is not only magnificent ... but it is virtually all there is and it is the quality of consciousness this very moment that is the world.

The New Dawn is here ...

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