Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What have your realized about compulsive thinking? ~ Katie Davis

What have you realized about compulsive thinking?

1. By observing thought, they can't use me and I am free.

2. My negative emotions are caused by my own thinking ... judgment, sense of threat, reaction based on past experience or desire based on the future, etc.

3. The first thought is the primary thought "I" (dreaming "I" or what we might call the mind-made self or the ego) ... and then all of the other thoughts follow.

4. When I am fiercely attentive to the present moment or when I am living now, I have fewer thoughts.

5. Thought is always based on some sort of lack (egoic fear) or desires of the mind-made self.

6. Free of the mind-made self, I am free of fear and desire.

7. When I silently ask the question, "Who am I?" the primary thought "I" disappears into the Heart and I experience peace and harmony.

8. I am noticing that thought does not even belong to me unless I identify with them. They just freely float by while I remain still and free.

If I am not the thinker, then who am I? Where are these thoughts arising from within me? From whence do they arise?

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