Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Freedom from the Qualities of the Mind-Made Self ~ Katie Davis

Even though the ego is itself an altered state of consciousness, which of these qualities keep resurfacing to realize freedom? If you have already realized freedom from these qualities, which of them has been most transformative?
1. I am limited to my physical body.
2. I predominantly live in my head.
3. I resist 'outer' and 'inner' experience.
4. I still have a mental image of who I am even though I realize it as fabrication.
5. I react so that I can protect myself from being hurt.
6. I experience the world as threatening.
7. This is not enough.
8. I am separate from you and everything that I see.
9. Even though I understand oneness with Life, I still sense I am separate from the Heart.
10. Socially, I sometimes feel alienated.
11. I experience everyone operating on pretense.
12. I am absorbed by the 'inner' activity of my mind.
13. My emotions are caused by my thoughts.
14. My experience in the world is based on my beliefs and past conditioning.
15. Thinking is still running the show.

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