Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Misconceptions About Awakening ~ Katie Davis

Which of the following misconceptions have you encountered in your awakening or recognized in others (so to speak)?

If within you, how was it resolved? Or is this still your true perception (which is also perfect)?

If in others, did you try to change their perception or allow it to be? What did you notice by making that apparent choice?

1. Just another spiritual experience.

2. This is something one can do or accomplish.

3. This is an attainment of the mind-made self.

4. Awakening is a self-improvement project.

5. Can only occur through a long, gradual path of practice and purification.

6. Awakening is really psychosis or a sign mental instability.

7. I will not be able to function in the world.

8. How can I be still when I must move about all day.

9. I can't just sit and meditate all day long.

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