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Life's Movie is Past Drama by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy - Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie Davis

When we begin awakening, we realize that we have spent a lifetime dreaming. The world of form appears similar to a movie and we begin realizing that the movie is being projected by the inner dialogue that we are maintaining.

The former tendency was to move into the story of me ... the movie ... and try to fix it within the dream. Upon awakening, we realize that the movie already is and it is virtually useless to try to fix it.

However, we can realize the source of the movie projection is beyond all the mental attitudes, beliefs, concepts and experiences that we have conditioned from the past. The inner tapes keep compulsively running and it goes on and on and on. These internal tapes seem to be creating what you perceive to be your personal reality.

In other words, if you want to become more aware of the unconscious beliefs that are obscuring your true freedom ... just watch the movie. It is constantly revealing to you what is requesting release.

At some time, we also awaken to the fact that the separate sense of self is also part of the daytime dream. Instead of being identified with the dreaming 'I' and its internal dialogue, we detach from that individual self.

In this detachment, dreaming "I" disappears along with all of its problems and conflicts that has been projecting as a personal reality.

There is something deeper here, something ineffable and sacred. Who is aware of this movie named the dream of ordinary life? Who is aware of all the inner tapes (our past conditioning) that keeps repeating in our heads? Who is aware of "Katie?" Who is aware of the body and its functioning?

It is the Pure Awareness that you are and it is the sacred dimension of the Still Heart that is silently waiting to energetically emerge into your life story and into the world.

So we leave the story alone for awhile and even leave "Katie" alone. We surrender "me and my story."

Since we are willing to surrender the idea of "Katie," the one carrying the conditionings, we become aware of awareness. We have watched the movie long enough.

Perhaps we have realized that "Katie" is also part of the movie. Maybe we have realized that the movie projector is the individual sense of self. However, are we aware of the screen upon which this movie is playing?

Self-realization is finally stopping all strategies of escape and all ideas of salvation. Through silent and still watching and resting as still being, we are able to be aware when the conditionings start appearing in the movie. We don't resist them, we simply rest and watch. We consciously realign with the sense of being within and a natural transmutation of all that is false is 'burned' into the unconditional love that you are right now.

We have learned to have one 'eye' outward for daily living and one 'eye' inward as the Still Heart. In this pure attention, we are then able to keep our inner space open, unprotected and free. We become aware when the movie has a negative impact on our inner space. When the energy of contraction (negativity) starts creeping in and invading our inner space, we become aware of it and just let go. We don't start telling ourselves, "there I go again, when will I ever get it, I can see that I am contracted and negative." No, you simply stop.

Be aware of your breathing and relax the body and we regain the peace that is always here whether we are conscious of it or not.We simply stop and then once again maintain the clarity of our inner space through attention.

Release the past. It is not here. When your conditioning appears in the present, this is the past that only appears to live on in you. The truth is that you are free and timelessly here right now. Virtually nothing can touch the joy that you are.

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