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Falling Apart Part 3 of 4 - Awakening - The Shadow is the Illusion by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy - Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie

Part three in a series of 4 (note original question on December 28)

Katie Davis Continues Discussion with Questioner:

It is as though you are standing with your back to the sun and watching your shadow outside on the ground. And, you think the shadow is you! Then you look at everything in the dimness of your own projected shadow of misidentity and separation; then blame the contents within the shadow for the darkness and your suffering.

You would never confuse yourself with you shadow, isn’t this true? You are striving to get rid of the shadow, but don’t want to get rid of what is causing the shadow. This separate sense of self, this perceived false image of a separate individual as identity, is the cause of the shadow.

This conditioned belief in separation is the cause of human suffering. It begins with the first thought "I" and all the other separating thoughts follow. I know that this dreaming "I" seems to be a harmless one letter word “I.”

On the other hand, look how you have glorified a separate, objective word? Can you consider the possibility that the separation that you are suffering is inherent in your idea of being a separate individual, independent entity?

Your thoughts are projecting out into the world. The separate sense of self projects separating thoughts and is only capable of perceiving separation. Naturally ... it suffers. This projection of thought into the world is what I am analogizing as the shadow. As long as you are standing there (with you back to the sun), there is the illusion of a shadow. I am inviting you to turn your back on the shadow and see that the sun is radiantly shining. The sun has always been here, but you are focused on the shadow of suffering caused by the projection of the first thought “I.” Turn you mind inward and discover your radiance.

You have two opportunities. The first, you could turn you back on the shadow and investigate this assumption of me. The second, instead of trying to escape the suffering, walk right into it. Investigate it fully. What is the nature of this vast void of suffering, not just your suffering but the suffering of all humanity.

Is there a possibility to surrender this story of me in 100% willingness? Is it possible to 100% surrender this concept of “I?” 

Not because I say so, but because you are also willing to investigate this concept of "me" and directly experience that there is no one there? 

With 100% willingness to be free, there is ease in awakening. With only 90% willingness, there may be phenomenonally beautiful experiences of awakening. These glimpses may be truly profound. But the 10% that remains in holdback and continues to cause feelings of fragmentation, disorientation and continued senseless, pointless suffering. 

Are you willing to release that 10% to be what it truly already is? This release stops the suffering. Actually, it reveals the illusion of all psychological suffering. You are free. In fact, you are free right now. 

When will you look?

(This conversation with the questioner and Katie Davis is to be continued)

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