Saturday, December 22, 2007

Can You Just Allow it to Be? by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Can you just allow it to be as it is? Right now, is it good enough? Truthfully, does anything need changing ... I mean only right now.

Listen to conditioned thought and watch it trying to control and manipulate the situation... constant struggle. Well, what happens if you just give up? Yes, stop. It is plain to see that this moment already is. Is it not true? How could struggling with what already is cause anything more than more suffering. Just allow it to be as it is.

Ok, so you have surrendered, right? Now watch the ego pick it immediately up in some type of victimhood. As soon as you let go to allow the circumstances, it begins telling an internal story of oppression. This is the past that only appears to be alive in you. Can you see that it is only conditioned thought? Well, what if you just allowed that to be as well?

Listen without involvement. Just watch without resistance. Yes, the mind is resisting, but you are not the mind. Can you see that these thoughts are a little crazy? I am not speaking of judging them. Just listen. This is all about the past, the little suffering me, or about the future and its ambition to get somewhere other than where it is. Stop and breathe.

You are not your thoughts. You are not the situation that seems to be causing some type of conflict. You are not these emotions. The emotions are being caused by the problematic thinking, so the body reacts and we call it emotion. Yes, feel it fully. Let the heart crack open and see that only love and peace remain. Welcome the emotions and watch how they perpetuate. Just watch. It is truly amazing, is it not?

The separate sense of self has the idea that it has some type of pseudo power over some other if it could only resist loud enough. Can you see that the dispute is only with yourself? Can you see that true power is to allow it all to be. I am not suggesting that you remain in a situation that is harmful, but in that second, can you see with clarity that it already is? In that clarity arises right action.

It is the quality of your conscious intelligence right now that is the next moment. Can you attend the clarity and attention to keep your inner space open, clear, unprotected and free?

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