Thursday, May 13, 2010

Now Playing - A Film by God by Sundance Burke, Author, "Free Spirit"

God's film is Now Playing, but many of you do not experience it, as you are giving your attention to the trailer of a coming attraction; produced by mind and entitled, I Can't Get No Satisfaction. You won't be available for God's film until your interest in this coming attraction ends. However, your interest may never end, because you are the star of this film in production and you just can't wait to see your name up in lights.

Who can blame you, given the circumstances? After all, you are assuming this role for good reason. This script is speaking to you. The theme of your screenplay is dissatisfaction. Your main idea is that something about this moment should change in order for you to be happy. That something could be anything.

A follow up to that concept is that you will need more time for the change to appear. So your film is set in a future time and place. Since this moment is lacking and no other time is here, your desired change has to be written now. As you are the only screenwriter for the movie, it's up to you to imagine and conceive the storyline for your future experience. Your desired changes to the present must follow your motivation, which is again dissatisfaction. As you dislike this moment or desire to re-create it for whatever reason, your unhappiness is being expressed just as you think.

First of all, you might not like yourself. Then again, you might not like others. What if you don't like the way the world is right now? Surely, that calls for a big change. However, maybe you adore this moment and don't want it to change, even as it changes right before your eyes.

As you write your own version of the present, your film is taking shape. Soon it will be developed, but not yet. There will be writes and rewrites, one after another, until you are finally satisfied with the look and feel of this moment. However, let's take it from your first judgment. Everything is going along great and then your star makes an entrance into the scene. Right away, we get a sense of your character's anxiety by witnessing the body language. Then the monologue begins:

"This peace can't last. It never has. Nothing ever works out for me as it should. Why can't I just be happy? If only things were different. I remember when times were good. This moment can't be it. Surely, there's got to be more than this. If I just keep waiting, something great is bound to happen or maybe something bad. No, I can't wait. If I don't make something happen, nobody will. Although, I'm not certain if I can do it. I don't know what to do. In any event, I just need more time."

By the way, how long have you been working on this film? Seems like forever, doesn't it? Just when you think you've got it all right, something happens to upset you and just like that, you've got another scene to write and also direct. Hey, no one said filmmaking was easy. Who knows this better than you?

I've got another idea for ending your movie if you're open to hearing it. As I see it, since your theme is dissatisfaction, what would be more dissatisfying than being unable to satisfy your dissatisfaction. Wow, that's truly dramatic, isn't it? Who knows, it might even help you discover a surprise ending. I mean, what if your character gets so fed up with being dissatisfied and unhappy that he just gives up trying to change the moment in any way?

In this circumstance, its hard to say how he would act. Maybe it's better not to write this ending. You could just leave it up to the moment and see what happens, when your character finally realizes that his situation is utterly hopeless. When he realizes that he can't think of anything to make the present other than it is, he might just accept it fully and be satisfied. Of course, this would change your theme, but you have to admit that it's a great twist on the direction you've been heading.

I know that you have been really busy producing your film unconsciously, but if you can be pure attention for just a moment, I've got an unbelievable proposition for you. Right now, I am watching a terrifc film. It's got everything. I would like you to realize it, as well. It's called Now Playing and it's being created by God as we speak. I don't know him personally, but I am witnessing his production and it feels truly alive and dynamic. While your movie has cost you an arm and a leg to produce and distribute locally, God's film is available now and it's playing everywhere. Best of all, it's free, if you are.

So, as far as the price goes, you can realize Now Playing, if you surrender to this moment as it is, because that's the price of your attendance. And when I say, this moment, I mean exactly This! So, forget about the idea of changing anything here. The script is already perfect. Every detail is being taken care of, so nothing is missing. The set looks and feels authentic to this present time and place. All the actors are in perfect form. Every performance is seamlessly happening and each is Oscar worthy in its own right.

This is real movie making in its truest form, so nothing is being edited out of the story. Not one of us hits the cutting floor. Everyone has an appearance in this film and though the reviews aren't always flattering, the acting is phenomenal. The fact is, Now Playing is not only the perennial winner of best film, its our life as we know it; uncut, uncensored, spontaneous, supersized, formatted to the big screen of awareness and therefore available to any being. Now let's relax, be quiet and open our eyes, because it's showtime!

Sundance Burke is author of Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being
Sundance Burke Website is at


JaLee said...

Thank you so much Sundance for pulling me into the story by chance glance yet totally WOWed and mesmerized after that : ) Simply Brilliant all the way... what a perfect revealing show! Ahhhhh... our popcorn is buttered and the bag is full, enJOY ~:D♥
namaste hugs,

JaLee said...

Thank you so much Sundance for pulling me into the story by chance glance yet totally WOWed and mesmerized after that : ) Simply Brilliant all the way... what a perfect revealing show! Ahhhhh... our popcorn is buttered and the bag is full, enJOY ~:D♥
namaste hugs,

Leslie said...

Thank you Sundance for what feels like another aspect of infinite encouragement. This was(is)perfect. 'Oscar worthy' may be a grande understatement!