Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Before the Awakening - Forgiveness and Allowing - The Relative Truth of People and Things" by Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"

In Hawaii, the pink rose is named the Lokelani and symbolizes compassion.

We enter the temple of the Heart as love. You already are the Abode of Radiant Love.

Yet, when we begin shifting attention out of the head and into the physical body to be present, we become aware of emotions that were previously unnoticed, perhaps for many years.

With the ego's idea of self-protection, these emotions will often prevent the deeper inquiry required to enter the inner body, which is the only gateway to stillness. This inner sanctum rests just underneath the painful emotions; ego's separation theory and therefore personal desire and fear.

If the ego tries to avoid the negative emotions by escaping, the ego succeeds and your opportunity to realize what is already free of the ego and its emotional states will vanish.

If the ego resists the negativity, it will persist. Either consciously or unconsciously, the negativity will continue to have an impact on the body and its life situation. In fact, resistance is likely to make the negativity even stronger.

The only option is to allow the emotion to be just the way that it is and feel it fully in the body. You will notice that the ego's thinking quickly aligns with the negativity, which makes the emotion stronger. With great curiosity and compassion, the invitation is to allow the deeper emotion in order to gain greater understanding about how thinking is directly related to your emotional states and see how the negativity perpetuates.

I am not suggesting that you try to change anything or manipulate the thinking. I am inviting you to merely look and allow it all to be as it is, so that it is directly observed, felt completely and understood. There is really no other choice, since it is as it is anyway! However, in conscious allowing, we may be able to arrive at acceptance. 

Acceptance is not resignation. In acceptance, one could say that there is a willingness to suffer and when it arises, it is welcomed. Uncomfortable, yes, but we are genuinely patient, compassionate and it is alright.

Attention and allowing are consciousness and this consciousness is deeply harmonic and unifying. When we watch and feel emotions fully, the consciousness begins transforming the negativity into the perfect love that it genuinely already is. No effort is required and the transformation happens by itself. It does require attention and allowing.

I understand that feeling the emotions may be quite painful or even what seems to be unbearable. However, most of the pain is in the resistance or in our imagination about how difficult these emotions might be. In this, we merely fear our imagination. Instead, become curious enough to find out if the deeper emotions are as they seem.

It is often said that the pathway to freedom takes a courageous heart. While this is true, allowing is also highly intelligent. You may quickly leap to the realization that you are the awareness within which the suffering is appearing. Yet, the suffering will continue to perpetuate, although "no one" suffers.

This is not the true freedom to which I am pointing. Suffering will not be fulfilled until it is known. That which is known is past. You have rightly heard the good news that Self-realization is the end of all suffering. May you equally hear that there is no escape? In fact, IN is the only way out!

Everyone has had painful past situations that they have had to endure. Although the ego would have you believe that yours is certainly unique and the worst!

We do not need to go into the past to process the story. In fact, we cannot keep telling a painful story and get rid of the pain.

Indeed, the hidden emotions will always arise as conditioned reactions to our present life situation. This is the past that still lives on within you. Some are so deeply embedded in the psyche that they do not even surface until we begin to go within.

You may have already tried to forgive the person or situation, yet the forgiveness might have remained only mental and somehow escaped the ultimate forgiveness of the heart. True forgiveness has no external requirement, which means that it is free of dependence. It has nothing to do with anyone else or even the storyline. Real forgiveness is the power of the timelessness within you that is already free of personal history.

One aspect of forgiveness is frequently overlooked. Have you equally forgiven yourself for the perception? While dual in nature, in Hawaii we have a healing practice called Ho'oponopono that is currently spreading worldwide. The practice assumes personal responsibility for all that is resisted, avoided, judged or negatively encountered. Ho'oponopono then addresses the deeper question, "who am I?"

Before the awakening, when we realize that the life story is a self-projection, self-forgiveness becomes primary. Just as a movie projector projects images onto a screen, so that we can enjoy the movie, what remains unconscious and unattended within you is being projected right now in front of you this very moment, so that it can be consciously seen. The world that you are presently experiencing is a projection of altered states of consciousness within you.

In other words, both the victim and the victimizer have their roots within you. While the ego may adamantly deny this and continue to blame so called others, through direct observation you may find that what I am sharing is true. When you have allowed, attended and understood what seems to be within, you are freed.

Of course, you then realize that you have indeed always been free and that you have been needlessly suffering.

Ho'oponopono is based on four beautiful expressions that are directed only within:

"Please forgive me. I am sorry. Thank you and I love you."

In short, please forgive my projection, I am sorry for perceiving in this manner, thank you for bringing what was unconscious into consciousness, I love you, Divine and self."

While dealing only with the ego state of consciousness and the Divine in a dual manner, the healing does take full responsibility for negativity until this responsibility is fulfilled and until you are free of the ego.

Before active meditation is possible, the most powerful tools that are readily accessible to everyone are silent sitting, a willingness to look within, allow the emotions, feel them completely and observe how they operate without changing anything, as well as Self-inquiry. You will discover that there is nothing wrong with you!

In this willingness, what was perceived as negativity dissolves and you are able to enter the temple of the Heart as love. You are freed for the deeper inquiry into the formlessness within, realize who is looking and ultimately, realize that which is making everything possible.

In closing, you are already the Ultimate Reality.

If you can already hear what is being shared in the pointer directly above, there is no one who is not ready here and now. Surrender the "I am forgiving" (being this) and "I am unforgiving" (being that) to rest only as "I am." "I am" is the bridge that crosses over to who you already are.

Who am I? is the only essential question, whether questioned now or later.

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Leslie said...

Thank you Katie for these last couple of posts...they are beautiful and most helpful.

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Dear Leslie ~

Thank you so much for taking a moment to respond.

It is quite helpful to know that the writings are supportive.

All Love and Blessings ~

Katie xo

jennicmiracles said...

Dearest Katie,

I Love Ho'oponopono... I appreciate the extra information you added about that. Amazing really...

You speak with a clear intent...Heart to Heart...

Thank you for taking the time to post this incredible wisdom.
I Am truly blessed to be part of such an amazing group of Souls~

We Are One~

Love and Gratitude....Jenni

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Beloved Jenni ~

Love and gratitude as well for taking a moment to comment. It is quite helpful to hear what is supportive and helpful. So, thank you...

Ho'oponopono is indeed one of the great practices toward Self-realization, that is, realizing the ultimate Truth of who we really are.

Before spiritual awakening appears in our lives, we take full responsibility for the 'dream,' that is, the life situation.

This is not always easy sometimes, when what the ego sees it often judges and then calls is 'ugly' and separate from itself.

Nonetheless, the life situation is a perfect mirror of the altered states of consciousness that have not yet been explored within us. When we are willing to look within directly, the 'darkness' cannot survive in the light of consciousness; just as the darkness of the night cannot survive the morning sunlight.

This is where Ho'oponopono is so helpful.

In the end after full responsibility, the awakening shifts out of duality, when we realize that we are not the 'dreamer.'

Ho'oponopono would continue to apply and yet at this point, Self-inquiry is the most direct and successful.

Indeed, Ho'oponopono is extraordinary and really so beautiful. In its practice, a lovely humility arises.

Anyway, thank you so much for being here. These are indeed amazing times and the group that gathers here are realizing that we are constantly bathed in love's light.

All radiant and wise love!

~ Katie

Kelly said...


Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I came across your interview on Conscious TV and find that your gentle, loving presence speaks deeply to the silence within me and so draws it out. It is also here in the words you write.

I am trying to understand how to feel and examine my feelings. I spent many years with another teacher who also stressed the importance of feeling our emotions, negative as well as positive. She had exercises for feeling these emotions and stressed feeling our emotions fully. She also said that if they were felt fully they would dissolve.

My biggest issue is being overcome with all kinds of fear, and I have tried and tried to feel my fears, but it seemed no matter how intensely I seemed to feel them, they did not dissolve; they seemed only to get worse. I really committed myself especially for the last several months to feeling my fears, and spent hours (often to the neglect of other things) trying to feel them as much as I could. One day a couple of months ago I went into my fears even more intensely, even to the point of tears. Nothing changed, and I just felt worse. I finally gave up.

I don't know if I am doing it "wrong" or am trying too hard or just don't understand it. I read your words, and they seem a bit clearer than what this teacher said, but I still feel like I don't completely understand, and I feel tired and overwhelmed even considering it.

After I read your words tonight I sat gently with my fears for a bit. They seem to have lifted some. I just wonder if I am supposed to try and make them be more intense? This is what I did before and it just didn't seem to work, and it just felt so violent to my being. Any pointers you have to my situation would be appreciated.

Love to you,