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I Love Heart Movies! ~ Just for Fun ~ Reflections of the Greater Awakening?

Below is a list of a few movies that I have enjoyed that are reflections (some more, some less) of the greater awakening story.

I notice today that most are comedy films and so perhaps this is a reminder that one need not take the daytime dream so seriously and that a sense of humor might indeed become handy during the awakening to the dream process; especially when observing the insanity of the dual mind.

Since I LOVE movies of the Heart, if you have a moment, I would appreciate your additional suggestions! :-)

Just the title of the movie is fine or you are welcome to share a comment why you feel this movie is a good parallel or reflection of the greater awakening or perhaps it is that radiant stillness became more consciously present through the sheer beauty ... as stillness IS ... sometime it writes and speaks in a mystical manner that carries the perfume of the deeper dimension ... that is beyond the superficial story.

Perhaps you have rented them for entertainment and as you watched, you began wondering whether the screenwriter either consciously or intuitively was using the movie it as a metaphor for spiritual awakening or was indicating a shift in consciousness.

Some of the movies, I watched before the awakening (now 23 years ago, so some are quite old!). When I watched them after the awakening, it was so surprising and quite humorous to discover that I had previously missed the truer storyline altogether!

Of course, none is more fascinating and adventuresome than the daytime dream of infinite possibilities that spontaneously plays day in and day out that some refer to as the "ordinary" life. It displays right before us as a mirror and can be free of the "star" of the show!

These are all Wikipedia links. Some trailers are on YouTube.

(Comedy) Even the title reflects the True-Man story. This is probably the best movie I have ever seen that reflects the entire awakening process; from the shift from real to the unreal and finally beyond, the unnoticed intermittent "commercials" point to the dream's unreality, the all powerful "movie director" above the stage setting dropping a stage light almost on Truman's head, the shift to self-observation, witnessing, sailing the sea of samsara (suffering) and finally falling out of his tiny boat of false identity to "walk on water" until Truman bumps into the screen upon which the movie is cast, opens the door and exits the dream to freedom.

(Musical ~ Based on a children's novel published in 1900) Dorothy's dream-state throughout the movie, "don't pay any attention to that little man behind the curtain," the search for the Heart, the mind, courage in the search and the yearning and longing to "go home." The beginning is in black and white and then transforms into full color as they adventure toward "freedom." In the end, Dorothy merely wakes up and discovers that she had only been dreaming.

(Comedy) John Cusack gets spontaneously "sucked" into a vacuum that is the void located behind a secret door in an office (story) that is on a half-sized floor (the small daytime dream) and lands inside the head of John Malcovich. Here he is a witness to John Malcovich's dream reality. Each time, John Cusack is suddenly cast out of the dream, shoots into the air and lands outside beside the freeway; much as those who get a glimpse of the "real" suddenly fall asleep again in the dream and the ego begins a hopeless and almost addictive search to grasp it once again. I enjoyed the representation of oneness or unity consciousness when John Malcovich begins seeing John Malocvich everywhere; the diner, the waiter, even the menu items. Touches on reincarnation.

(Comedy) Commercial exploitation by being asleep in the dream, Albert contacts two existential detectives (Tomlin and Hoffman) to realize what he calls "universal connectivity" that coincides with transcendentalism. The detectives spy on Albert, so he is always being watched (the witness). Albert learns how to disconnect his inner being from the problematic life situation, drama, misery and meaningless; climbing the ladder to pseudo-power to synthesize a non-thinking state of pure being. Albert "attains" enlightenment and the cosmic truth of everything. "We bring our own chains to human existence."

Fighting over the remote that controls the black and white television (daytime dream), Reese and Tobey "disappear" into the television and emerge in another black and white daytime dream reality named Pleasantville that is isolated from the rest of the world. The teens are unable to return to the "old world." A type of sexual revolution in Pleasantville begins as the characters discover sexuality and after their encounters, they emerge as full color beings, rather than as they were previously in black and white. I took this as perhaps a more commercially popular compromise to what might have been truly encountered ... the full color bloom of true love; such as when you get out of your mind and into the body, it seems like the body is sensing for the very first time and everything seems so vibrant and alive. The people in Pleasantville then begin to revel in new creative passions, new freedoms and hidden abilities. As the people transform, so does the world transform, as the entire environment begins to emerge in alive, full color.

Trivia question of the day ... are there others that you might recommend?

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Anonymous said...


you enter the kingdom

perfect harmony in movies

mother earth gave perfect love

you are here the energy of love

silent morning
and angel´s touch

moving into stillness

harmony and balance
touch of love
letters of inspiration

communications from the heart

thank you

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Beloved Heart ~

I am grateful for this beauty ...

~ Heart