Monday, December 14, 2009

I Am the Witness Only: "Who Am I" Remains the Only Essential Question by Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"

As always, when we use a word such as "witness" or even the words "I am," one can never be certain where those words are actually pointing. Likewise, when someone reads them from their present reference point, they may "think" that the words are pointing to something altogether different.

For instance, the self-observer is generally watching its thoughts, feelings and body. It may even open to a personal "I am" and recognize that it is neither this nor that. Yet, it is still looking from within the dream body ... within the dream of form.

When I speak of the "I am the witness only," the witnessing consciousness, generally speaking a profound and spontaneous detachment occurs. The world of form, including the former reference point "I am the dream body," seems somewhat remote and almost like heat haze.

Having realized that it cannot find itself ANYWHERE within form, it surrenders deeper; the only thing that seems true is the subject-witness. Some are teaching from this reference point.

It is profound since being-consciousness-bliss is dynamically at the forefront, yet the dream body and its life situation have not yet fully transformed. Suffering is still possible for the dream body, but there is no one there to suffer. This is the witness, enlightenment has not yet "happened" and neither has Self-realization.

Detachment is not separation. It actually allows the energetic beauty of oneness which is why I call it the Beauty Trap. One does not have as much incentive to continue the inquiry when everything seems beautiful ... yet the dream body continues suffering ... and no one suffers!

For the witness, generally the personal "I am" of the self-observer has transcended to the impersonal "AM" of the witness.

The witness study is generally one of formlessness, hence that feeling of being "between two worlds." It witnesses a remote dream body and its dream but is more fascinated with witnessing formlessness. Its purpose is to eradicate the collective pain body. In other words, it still has an object of observation.. either "Heart" or "world of form."
The witness is meant to be only a bridge to cross over from form into formlessness. After all, in deep sleep, there is no witness and no objects. So for the witnessing consciousness, the inquiry continues.

Enlightenment is the disappearance of the universe and it is beyond consciousness and unconsciousness. The realization of Non-duality.

Self-realization is the CONSCIOUS recognition that "I AM THAT!" It is the complete integration of formlessness as all form.

YOU are beyond all and without contradiction ALL.

Yet first things first. One can only realize who one is ... and in due time, one will then realize what all else is.


Vania said...

Wow...thank you for the pointings.

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Thank you so much, Vania, for taking a moment to reply. I truly appreciate it. All Love ~ Katie