Monday, December 28, 2009

Emotional Takeovers ~ Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"

When we shift attention from compulsive thinking into the physical body, we become more aware of how we are feeling emotionally. The emotion that we are currently feeling is always a perfect reflection of our thinking.

The mind is more than our superficial thoughts. It also includes unconscious patterns, mindsets and tendencies. They may never surface in the form of an observable thought, so it may seem difficult or even impossible to bring them into consciousness.

Yet, the body is the perfect tool. If you are willing to feel the body, it never lies. We bring the feeling or emotion into the light of consciousness and simply allow it to be. I am not suggesting that you try to change anything. That is resistance and just another form of violence that will perpetuate more negativity.

Neither do we need to analyze or interpret "why" the feeling is here or "what" the feeling means. The analyzing and interpreting mind is a good tool for many things, yet not the right tool for Self-realization.

When the emotion is allowed, we are no longer controlled by it, just like when we are watching our thoughts, they can no longer use us. We no longer have emotional takeovers. Instead, we are the witnessing presence that allows everything to be as it is.

This witnessing is a harmonizing and unifying factor. In the light of attention, the darkness of negativity cannot prevail.

I am not proposing that you act the emotion out. That is the emotional takeover that will more likely than not cause another emotional reaction; causing more suffering for you and others. Nor am I speaking of repression. Repression is a form of resistance that perpetuates suffering. I am only suggesting that you consciously feel the emotion in the body and allow it to be. Be the space within which it is appearing.

In your willingness to fully feel the body, all that remains unconscious within you will be revealed until all that remains is the simple joy of being ... and that is love.

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Anonymous said...

thank you
all is one
this is our path
this is our life
one moment
the eternal now


Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Dear Kimmo ~

Thank you so much for taking a moment to post and offer voice to the truth.

I have enjoyed your blog as well.

All Love and Gratitude ~


Maren Springsteen said...

Gorgeous, dearest Katie, this helps so much to just abide in THAT as THAT, thank you from all my heart!
Your Maren xxx

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Beloved Maren ~

I appreciate the moment of writing and heartful sharing.

You are truly are love and that is extraordinary!

All Love ~ Katie

Main Idiot said...

I have been on and off the path of understanding but lately I have been so very lost and this is exactly what I needed to read! The simple truth gets easily misplaced in our much overused and misused minds.

Thank you

Main Idiot said...

I have been on and off the path of understanding but lately I have been so very lost and this is exactly what I needed to read! The simple truth gets easily misplaced in our much overused and misused minds.

Thank you

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Main Idiot ~

Thank you so much for taking a moment to post.

This path of understanding has been a very good tool. In a way, it is like a perfect road map. Yet, until one has actually taken all of the twists and turns, one never really becomes free of the map's pointing. Similar to a map from Seattle to LA. Having the map and understanding is not like actually taking the drive. :)

The path of understanding allows one to directly realize all that what is not. It allows us to realize the false and all of the "superimpositions" of the mind and intellect. Still, they are not surrendered until it is noticed directly. The truth of the matter is, all that is required is noticing. In direct noticing of the false, it disappears on its own accord.

The power of the field of direct attention is a harmonizing and unifying factor that is consciousness. With patience and persistent looking ... and allowing ... the harmonizing happens on its own accord.

It never works to try to change the image in the mirror. It is what it is; a reflection. The image in the mirror effortlessly transforms as the altered states of consciousness dissolve into the pure consciousness that it genuinely is. And of course, there was never anything wrong with the mirror itself. We were only focusing on the image appearing in the mirror.

From what you are sharing, perhaps this is the end of understanding ... the end of knowledge which is what Vedanta is.

I am sure that you have heard many times ... be still. Only the permanent can realize permanence.

It can be simple now. Be still, notice, allow.

The body is such a good tool since it anchors us here and now when we consciously breath or aware of the body's sensing or feeling.

I am delighted that this post was helpful.

When at last the effort stops, we rest ... and that is the key.

All Love, Beloved Heart ~


Anonymous said...

beautiful words
thank you

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Dearest Kimmo ~ I am delighted to hear from you today! All LOVE ~