Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sometimes, It Rains Roses ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

February 14, 2009 ~ Valentine's Day in Aloha Time
The Universal Dawn of the Age of Aquarius

Sometimes, It Rains Roses

The day has intimately surrendered to the quietude of the night.

The land of Aloha is sleeping,

As islanders await the fulfillment of a promise;

The New Dawn vowed by Maui, the Sun God.

The scent of red roses permeates the stillness;

Bouquets symbolize this extraordinary Love.

A tropical breeze gently rustles the palms

And as the cheek touches the coolness of pillow,

A knowing smile curves the lips,

In gratitude for this serenity and deep peace.

Body consciousness dissolves,

Ever falling upon itself as pure consciousness.

The body is in dreamless sleep,

When blessed by the Rapture of the Infinite.

A magnificent outpouring of ecstatic Bliss

Eloquently summons a glimmer of body consciousness.

Invoked awake by Love,

The body rests in full attention to embrace its final Lover,

In its "I only have eyes for You" kind of way.

A flicker of a dream in slow motion ...

Pink rose petals begin raining from the Sky.

As they sprinkle upon my pillow and timelessly drift upon my sheets,

Each velvet petal softly kisses the cheek, then neck and shoulders.

Awake in Love's Mystical Garden ...

There is no Love greater than This ...

The lips audibly whisper, "This is so beautiful!"

A Love that demands a new definition for its splendor, tenderness and adoration.

We simply have no words to amply convey the magnitude of this Magnificence:

Perhaps, "A sheltered cocoon of ecstatic Love and euphoric Bliss ... that is the nest of profound Sacredness."

Well, I suppose that is near ... yet not close ... never enough ...

It defies every poet and writer's attempt to express.

Yet, Radiant Love begs, even hopelessly impels, its expression.

Not of this world, it coyly waits for each direct, virginal encounter.

Joyful tears trickle down the cheeks in awe, wonder and silent gratitude.

The lips continue to murmur ...

"So beautiful..."

"So unbelievably beautiful..."

Hushed into a deafening Quietude, Love's passion cradles the Universe;

An ultra conscious embrace ... as the Heart of all being.

A timeless marriage of the Infinite and mega Body Consciousness, without world.

Then, within Love's Garden of Splendor,

Barely audible, as though from some distant dimension,

A worldly siren stirs the physical senses awake

And with the senses, the reappearance of the Universe.

It is mid-morning in Aloha Land.

So they say in a song that has now been sung for forty years,

Today is the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

At last, each planet is in its cabalistic and perfect alignment.

On island, it seems like any other day in Paradise,

Even so, we wisely know now that we never step into the same river twice,

No matter how mundane and ordinary the day may seem.

We live the Aloha, while the keikis play in "The Maui Sun."

Nonetheless, the cosmic secret is that you are this Radiant Love,

Eternally Kissed as Bliss,

The very Heart of the Universal Being,

And already realized as The Infinite Way.

KATIE DAVIS is author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment. In 1986, she was stunned awake without practices or teachers. Since 1999, she has been sharing the message of the conscious freedom and causeless joy that is offered through spiritual awakening, enlightenment and Self-realization.

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