Friday, February 6, 2009

The Mystical Sky by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Can you sense the Changeless as the white clouds drift across the pale blue sky?

This morning, do you hear the inaudible Silence of the red-breasted cardinal, while its song is outpouring?

Are you aware of the unfathomable Perfection of the brilliant colors of the rainbow?

Is not the Infinity of space truly awe-inspiring as the stars twinkle in the midnight sky?

Do you feel the Harmony within as the sun sets over the Pacific or the Mystery of the full moon over Lanai?

Are you distinguishing the Stillness, when a blue-tipped butterfly suspends in imperceptible space?

Well, close your eyes for a moment. Yes, there are many thoughts and corresponding feelings.

Do you notice that they are all either about or in relationship with “you?”

Have you discovered yet the blissful joy beneath happy and sad, when you stop talking story?

Now, just rest as “I am” and stop at that … nothing more.

Still with eyes closed, back away a little. Are you missing the space around “I,” the sublime sky of being?

Are you able to discern that this sky is still within the field of experience?

Are you any less, if you resonate solely as “AM,” ... this beautiful feeling of connectivity?

Evermore subtly, perhaps still unconscious, does any reference point remain?

Not a personal reference point of course, but any?

Is there anything deeper than even the slightest movement … or stillness … of inner experience?

Who perceives it?

Upon Self-discovery, open your eyes.

Let it all settle in, so to speak.

Can you be in this world, while not being of it?

Is there any difference between That which is "within" and That which is "manifesting" everywhere?

Are you fully integrated and embodied as the non-dual Heart?

As True Sky, are you now experiencing the sky, the cardinal, the starlit night, the rainbow, the sunset and the moon as the purest joy of True You?

Katie Davis
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