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Wisdom at Work ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

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Wisdom at Work by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

In the beginning of spiritual awakening, energetically we may feel totally stunned by this extraordinary "new" frequency of being. It is appropriate that attention turns naturally inward. This is quite a long "journey" for most and waking up to the present moment is only the beginning.

In present moment living, our senses become so alive and we feel genuinely vibrant and grateful. If we shift into time, we suddenly find ourselves once again misidentified with the ego "I" thought and all of its attachments. As soon as we become aware of the fact that we are compulsively thinking, we are back and conscious! Take just a moment for a conscious breath or two and you will be resting once again timelessly present.

It is also appropriate in the beginning to set aside a certain amount of time each day to just sit silently. We could call this meditation. There are many different types of meditation and some suggest that you use an object such as a candle to focus your attention or to focus attention on the formlessness within. Both are objects and this is not the type of meditation that I suggest. Simply rest as "I am." If a thought comes up and you identify with "I" just ask the Self-inquiry question, "Who am I?" Then simply rest as "I am" once again.

Soon, meditation will leave your silent meditation place in your home and you will be able to consciously BE all day long; a day long meditation while the body moves about:

Silent being ... driving ...

Silent being ... washing the dishes ...

The distractions in the world of form are many, so for awhile you will find yourself getting lost in the mind and its time, since the mind's habit is to turn outward. When this happens, you can no longer be conscious of simply being. Just as you did in your meditation place at home, once you notice it, ask this essential question, "Who am I?" and you will once again realize conscious being.

The initial awakening will continue to deepen and deepen. There are no "levels" in Pure Awareness. The sense of deepening is because all that is false is surrendered. There are so many layers that will be surrendered and there is this sense that, "you mean this can go too?!"

You do not need to "do" surrender. Through silent watching, the false will be noticed and the deeper surrender happens by itself. The tool of Self-inquiry will be the right tool throughout this deepening process.

The moment of enlightenment is beyond experience. I realize that the ego would like to add it to its long list ... this time being the nirvana experience. However, enlightenment is not an attainment of the ego "I" that has its idea of becoming. The false "I" is the only apparent obstruction. Instead, through Self-inquiry the divided mind dissolves into the pure bliss and consciousness of Pure Awareness.

Upon enlightenment, we are not really functional in the world or for that matter even aware of it. Once the world appears again, the illumined mind is a perfect reflection of pure consciousness.

The path still may not be over. So, I suggest never to have any sense of arrival. That one is the ego "I" calling you back to form and its suffering consequence with its sense, "I" have arrived. So, we still have our companion of Self-inquiry. Slowly, this altered consciousness will permanently settle in the Heart as Pure I alone.

No "doer" remains. I am frequently asked about this, "well, how does anything get done?!" My answer, "just as it does now." The ego likes to think that it is the doer of action. Remember, it possesses things and calls everything "mine," unless it does not like what is happening ... and then it calls it "yours." No "doer" of action simply means that everything is happening by itself and does not need "your" control, manipulation or guidance. Just wait and see ...

There are many misconceptions about Self-realization. In fact, some may still have an image of a monk sitting in a cave or at the top of a mountain. However, this just is not so. One could say, I am neither in this world, nor not of it.

Here is an example using a well known and often used expression:

In the old world of ego:

"I (ego) chop wood and carry water."

In the new world:

"Pure 'I' chop wood and carry water."

Wisdom is not in conflict with either work or play. There is simply this vast well of creativity flowing through, since pure perceiving is no longer clouded by the psychological sense of self. Spontaneity comes to the forefront and we realize pure efficiency. The psychological self is not there debating about what it should "do" next. We simply allow wisdom's work.

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Wisdom is of no use unless it reveals the glory of existence.
If there is wisdom truth is intimate with us and we dont distract from it by thinking.
When there is no doership work
leads to wisdom.Working with
doership is a hurdle to wisdom
because thinking clouds the innate wisdom in us.

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Dear Dr. Raju ~

Thank you for your visit and sharing this wisdom. I love how you express Truth.

Namaste ~ Katie