Friday, December 12, 2008

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

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"Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" by Katie Davis

Nature and experience ...

This morning, a spiritual friend on the East Coast wrote to joyfully express that a new blanket of snow covered her area and that the full moon was glistening across the fields.

Before dawn, this encouraged a walk to the beach ... and there was the lovely one ... suspended in quietude ... Lucy in the Sky surrounded by all her twinkling diamonds.

"Moonbeams" danced across the ocean, while the radiant, golden globe began to descend just off the island of Lana'i.

Deep peace ...

Then, the mind reflected for a moment how beautiful it is that as Heart Friends who are apparently sprinkled all over the world and yet we gaze at the same full moon.

Just as extraordinary is the fact that from all over the world, we come to share, express and point to the radiant Heart within us that is beating its rhythm of Love as the same pure consciousness.

We seem far away ... and yet we are so intimately near ...

I am fascinated this morning about your "ordinary" experience.

Do you have a moment to look out your window or better yet, step outside into nature?

Do you have just a moment and post what you are experiencing?

Can you see the full moon?

Is it slightly drawing out the wild child within you?

Is it pulling the tides making the waves more powerful? How does that power speak?

Is there snow on the trees of the forest? What does it sound like?

Is it raining on the streets of Paris? How does the body feel if you take a chance and stand there in it?

Has the cloud cover lifted so that Mount Rainier is out in all her glory? How is she speaking to you?

Are there morning birds singing in Spain and how do you feel when you truly listen?

Is the wind blowing your hair?

What does the creek or river sing to you this morning as it babbles through the day?

What is reflecting in the pond or the lake? Does that reflection quietly tell you a story?

How is the chill from the freeze make a difference to your breathing? What are you noticing?

Where are you? How is nature? How are you experiencing it?

I am truly fascinated to know ...

Only Love ~ Katie Davis

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