Friday, April 3, 2009

Awakening to the Invincible Summer by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

On Maui, the sweetness of spring seems to be awakening, as the sleepy winter transforms. One senses it mostly by the delicate fragrances, but there are other delightful whispers. The scents harmonize and breathe life into the early morning darkness. The breezes are warmer as they enliven our bodies and consciously ground us as Spirit.

The Monarch butterflies are migrating all the way to Mexico and we have the intuitive sense that our intelligent friends, the humpback whales and newborn calves, are beginning their departure to brave the San Juan Orcas and dine out in Alaska.

Even the “snow birds” are flying home, as Maui relaxes into its more genuine pace. One cannot help but notice the simplicity of living the cycles of Gaia. However, there is something deeper here; something ineffable and sacredly indefinable.

Each spring, I am tenderly reminded of the natural birth of my second daughter. As a focal point, I used a poster of the sun shining through snow covered pines in a silent forest. The Albert Camus byline read, “In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer.” Upon first glance and still ripe with pregnancy, I instinctively knew that my new daughter would be named named Summer. However, I had not yet consciously awakened to the unfathomable depth to which Camus was possibly pointing.

Just as the scarlet ‘I’iwi is perfectly adapted to sip the honey of tubular flowers; we are able to innately taste the sweet nectar of the Silence of the Heart. We are able to realize that we are this extraordinary and divine stillness.

With a quiet mind, we are especially graced with the magnificent beauty of its outpouring. If we would just stop for an instant, we would have the immediate opportunity to spontaneously awaken to a steadfast beauty that never fades. This rebirth is our true renewal and the awakening from a dream that never happened. We discover that which is permanently here and never changes, even as seasons change.

Traditionally, the plight of the pseudo self, the concept of “me,” camouflages this radiant stillness. The ego endlessly searches to attain what it already is. Its strategy is to maintain itself, through healing the past or becoming what it wants to be in the future. Other than a constant “work in progress,” my question is where is it and who is it right now? I suggest that the answer is nowhere and nobody, but this is for you to investigate.

Unfortunately, the desires and fears of the pseudo self are conditionally based on past experience, so we unknowingly recreate what we are trying to escape. Generally, we have many excuses as to why we cannot be happy and yet this false sense of self is the only thief. This con artist is a myth and only seems to exist in the imagination of the time-based, divided mind. Can you see that it is creating its own pain gap? The invitation to awaken is the realization that you are a mysterious Secret Garden and that the pain is a consequence of believing in the mind's separation.

Through awakening to life’s inner purpose, “we” are surrendered and the radiance animates as life. We no longer require this hopeless relationship with “ourselves” that always seems to separate us from every other.

After all, we are not two; neither “i” nor “me.” We are neither subject nor object; we are free. In the grand release of conscious freedom, we realize the fulfillment as bliss and live as the wise love that we truly are.

We have unsuccessfully attempted to live the constraint of an individual consciousness that attempts to divide itself by notion as a separate subject. Through this unexamined assumption, we experience the limitation of unconnected separate objects. A limited subject can only imagine limitation. Who are you beyond every belief? It just makes sense that unrestrained freedom cannot be found within restraint.

In difficult times, we may lament our distance from the Supreme. Who is distanced and from whom? First, we insist upon our independent existence as true identity and then fear the mind's imagination of that distance. We grieve solely for what is unknown, unexamined and assumed.

We are not a vulnerable, singular point in a chaotic universe. We are the open and still Awareness that sustains all life. We are That which shines invincibly and joy is our birthright.

During the rejuvenation this spring, we have the chance to realize the ultimate truth of “no rain, no rainbows,” as we say on Maui. Life need not be burdened with suffering to appreciate true compassion and mystical happiness.

After all, even our gardens effortlessly delight: healing green, dancing fuchsia, laughing yellow with trumpets of purple, smiling faces of cream, a circle of blue featuring eyes of lavender!

When the seasons change, what remains?

If you had a choice, and I am not saying that you do, would you choose the concept of “you” or unfathomable bliss, perfect peace, unconditional love and causeless joy?

Hele me kahau’oli ... Go with Joy.

Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"

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